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A/N  I think this was the hardest chapter I've ever written for My Nerdy Little Mate, so I'm sorry if it's short. This is the last chapter though, and I would like to say thank you to everyone who got this far.  I will have an epilogue afterward.  I'm still going to do the dedication thing for that, so don't just not comment, because I won't have any more chapters.  This chapter is dedicated to ChristyParr, and as usual I would like to thank her for taking the time to tell me what she thought.


Name: Alysha Annara Trodaire 

Born: May 16 2012

Father: Ace Trodaire

Mother: Rose Kale; deceased 

Weight: 8 pounds

I went over the list of things I knew about Loki's niece.

Hair color: dirty blond

Eye color: brown 

Person who hasn't put her down except to go to school for the past week: Loki Trodaire

Ace had made arrangements with Loki's dad for him to watch her while he was at school until he graduated this summer, so they were both currently living at Loki's house.  

Of course you would never know that Alysha was Ace's kid with how often she was found cradled in Loki's arms.

Today was no exception, despite the fact that it was a Sunday, and Loki was coming to our weekly picnic with me.

I held the gate open for her, and followed her into the back yard.  

As soon as she was through the gate she was doing the same thing she did last time.  Like last time I followed her as she said hello to everyone in my pack, asked how they were doing, and occasionally asked someone what their name was.

My pack members were curious as to whose baby she had, and why she had her.  So the whole talking to everybody thing lasted a little longer this time.  She answered all their questions, and appeared to be showing off her niece just slightly.  

Maybe a lot.

A lot.  She's defiantly showing her niece off a lot.

I guess she's found a new love.

We should bring Gabriel next time so we have someone to talk to.

Na.  I like watching her.


When she was done we went and got food, then sat down at a table that was almost completely empty.

"What's with the whole, I want to know everyone, thing?" I asked with curiosity.

"I figured that someday I will end up a part of it all, and I can't really pretend that they aren't..... important.  That, and when I decide to do something I tend to throw my whole heart, and soul into it."

That makes sense.  That's why Loki is good at everything she does.

Why would that make her good at everything?

Because when she does something she wants to make sure it is worth her time.

Is that what she's doing with Alysha?

That's my theory.

Alysha started to cry then, and Loki looked up at me with pleading eyes.

"You want me to get the diaper bag?" I guessed, already use to the task.

She smiled, and started to nod her head fast.

Shook my head at her with a small smile, and stood up to do as she asked.  

When I got back, I stopped before getting to the table, and stared at the scene in front of me.

Loki was holding Alysha with her head bent down close to her face, smiling as Alysha sucked on her finger.

The sun was shinning, and Loki had let her hair fall to one side to keep the sun off the baby.  Despite the shadow I could see the smile on her face, and the love in her eyes.  

She would make a good mom wouldn't she.

 I wanted to nod my head at him, but I couldn't since he was in my head.

Instead I walked over to Loki, and handed her the diaper bag.

I sat down beside Loki, and wrapped my arms around her thinking of everything I knew about her.

She loves kids.

Especially babies!

She can fight.

Better than you.

Shut up, I have no experience.

She is smart.


Animals don't really scare her.

What could ever scare someone like Loki?

And she can be really secretive when she wants to be.

Which is all the time.

You know I don't think I ever asked for your help with this list.

That's okay, I'm filling in the blanks.

Do I still have blanks in my list?

Not really.  Keep going, and I'll tell you if I find anything.

She is graceful.

Don't forget hot.

That is something so obvious that it doesn't really need to be said.  It's just kind of a fact of my life.  May I go on?


She can sleep like the dead when she wants to, and she is my nerdy little mate.

Short list, but I think you got everything.

I don't think it's possible to know everything about Loki, but I want to spend the rest of my life learning.

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