The Smoke Ghost


I stood there. Frozen in fear as his knife came swiftly towards me. I screamed, and then everything went black.

~1 week earlier~

"Kelsy!!! Hurry up I don't want you to make the Wilson's miss their flight!!!"My mom yelled at me.  

"I'm coming!" I said as I jumped down the stairs."Ready?" mom said as she grabbed her car keys. 

"Course I am." We hurried into the car because , like always we were running late. 

I didn't let that bring me down though cause I was going to Hawaii. It'll only be a week but it will be awesome because I'm going with my best friends ever, Brianna and Braden. They're twins.

They invited me to go to Hawaii with them for a week with their family and of course I accepted. Just then I saw the familiar sight of their house, a one-story Spanish style home. I started to get out of the car but was stopped by my mom,"Kelsy?" "Ya mom?" "Be safe." "I will." "And call me every night, I love you."  

"I love you too mom, bye" I hopped out of the car and walked up the concrete path to the door. KNOCK,KNOCK,KNOCK. I waited a few seconds before Brianna opened the door. "Hey! Can you believe our parents are letting you come?" "No! it's crazy our parents are so strict!" "Kelsy is here!" Brianna shouted as we walked to her room.

I set my suit case down next to her bed and sat down at her desk. " So have you told Jake your going to be gone for a week, yet?" Jake is her boyfriend, they've been going out for 1 month now.  

"No."she said softly. I sighed, the longer she waits the harder it will be to tell him.  

"You know your going to have to tell him sooner or later." It looked like she realized I was right. 

"I'll call him." "Good," I said with a smile.

I turned my head as I heard a knock on the door. "hey can I come in?"  

It was Braden. "Sure!" I yelled through the door. "Mom wanted me to let you guys know that we leave in 5 minutes." he said sending a smile over to me.

"Ok, well.... let's go!" 


Ok so this is my first story on wattpad and first story ever really, so don't hate me if it sux;) I'll try to update ASAP!  





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