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Within the confines of Chris's car, Callie sat beside him silently. She fidgeted, glancing at his profile every three seconds, wondering if the magic between them had died at the golf course.

       Since they've entered the car Chris has been silent, making Callie silent...and the silence was killing her. She had so many questions. Why did he kiss her? Did he like her? Will he kiss her again? Where was there relationship heading now? What was he thinking at this very moment?

       The hard expression on his face prevented her from asking. He seemed so unapproachable now, like he had put a firm wall between them with a DO NOT DISTURB sign. Sighing, Callie shivered and wrapped her arms around herself. Even though he had put the heater on full blast, she couldn't wait to change out of her wet clothes.

       Abel still has my keys, she thought. Guess I'll just have to put the clothes I had on last night until he shows up. If he ever shows up. It would seem that Abel was playing Mr. Match Maker.

       Pressing two fingers against her lips, she glanced at Chris again. Her very being still tingled from the kiss they shared. She should confess now...tell him the truth but she dreaded his reaction. She knew that he would not take it well. Dare she hope that he was so in love with her that he'd forgive her in the end right away?

       But a guy like Chris can't be in love with someone like me, Callie thought sadly. Maybe he had just kissed her out of curiosity. I hope he's not getting attracted to guys...that would seriously suck! It would be very ironic if she was the cause of his sudden attraction to guys.

       When they reached their apartment, Chris wordlessly parked the car in front of it and stepped out. Callie stepped out the car after him and closed it, watching him walk around the car towards the apartment building. Silently, she followed him up the stairs to his apartment.

       Timidly, she walked inside after him and waited by the opened door. Chris paused and looked back at her. "What?" It was the first word he had spoken since they left the golf course.

        Callie fidgeted, wringing her hands in front of her. "C-Chris...if you don't want me hanging around your place I can wait outside-"

        "Don't be stupid." He disappeared into the bathroom and came out with two large blue towels. He tossed one to Callie and used the one he had to dry his hair. "Go ahead and take a shower."

       "I don't have any clean clothes..."

        "I'm going to find Abel and get your keys back," he said, pealing his wet tank top from his body.

        Callie blushed and averted her eyes. She stared down at the carpet. "Um...okay." She heard more shuffling and dared to glance up to find Chris completely naked in the hallway. Well not completely naked, he was wearing briefs but...Oh my. With his back turned to her, she could see the muscles flexing on his broad back...and all that delicious sun-kissed skin....that firm butt that was almost see through with its dampness...

       Swallowing, Callie stared at the ground again. Was he testing her or something? Or just being a tease? She continued to stare at the carpet for a few more minutes until Chris walked out his room dressed in a dry pair of blue jeans and black shirt.