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The Virginity Game


Chapter 5: The Date

Exiting the girls change room, I was about to throw my hair up into a quick bun when Natalie’s voice ran through my head. Don’t put your hair up, Autumn, you’re trying to lure them in. With a sigh, I dropped my straight, black hair and let it fall around my shoulders again.

With my black stretchy yoga capris, and loose fitting grey tee, I walked up to the group of girls that I usually hung around with. My favourite friend among them, Kassey Smitt, with her long black hair with a rainbow colors on top, knee length grey yoga bottoms and red Stereos tee, she looked worried when she noticed me.

“Autumn,” she whispered, “Is it true?” Even though it was only whispered, it seemed to have silenced the entire gym. I lowered my head, closing my eyes in the process.

“Yeah,” I mumbled, “I’m the new target.” When I looked up again, I saw her eyes. She looked horrified. I barely managed to slap a smile onto my face, making it seem like it wasn’t that bad.

“Oh, honey,” She softly spoke, wrapping her arms around my waist, “I’m so sorry.” Not letting the sadness overwhelm me, I clamped my eyes shut. I did not want people to see me start crying. I refused.

Sucking in a huge breath, I managed to pull away. “It’s okay, I mean... It was bound to happen sometime. I was just kind of hoping that I’d have lost my virginity to someone good before it came down to it, though.”

“Don’t worry,” She tried to sound like it was not a big deal. “If anyone can resist the Six, it’s you.” Just as she finished speaking, the four Six’s in my gym class came out of the change room; Travis Gallagher, Jeydon Williams, Steven Jacobs and Kyle Lenard. I avoided eye contact with them, not even chancing looking in their general direction.

“Thanks, Kassey.” I gave her a smile, and lined up on the huge black line when the teacher blew the whistle. It wasn’t until he divided the class into three teams to play basketball did I realize ignoring them was a lot harder than I anticipated. Both Kyle and Jeydon were on my team.

“Autumn!” Mr. Greene, the young teacher called. “You’re doing the jump.” Rolling my eyes I walked towards Mr. Greene, looking around for the girl I would be stealing the ball from. I looked down as I fixed the band around my bottoms, and when I looked back up Sam Corodin was standing in front of me, smirking. She was definitely the bitch of the school, no doubt about it.

“Okay, Ladies, ready?” We both nodded, and I felt my heart start beating faster from the anticipation. It felt like forever before he blew the whistle, throwing the ball into the air. Without any trouble, I got the ball to one of my teammates, but on the landing Sam hip checked me and I stumbled a bit.
“Sorry,” She said, laughing a little. I wanted to punch her in the face. That was completely unnecessary. I rolled my eyes and went after the ball.

Turning off my car after I parked in the driveway, I relaxed into the seat. I let my head fall back and rest against the seat as I let out a deep sigh. With one hand on my purse and the other on the door handle, I closed my eyes.

Today was an interesting day. I still was undecided as to whether it was necessarily a good or bad day. I haven’t had a problem with Sam Corodin before, but after today Sam apparently hates me. I’m might want to look into that, she could be useful if I play it right. Brett is going to be trying harder than normal, I just know it. It might be because I’ve pissed him off enough that he’s just that much more determined to get back at me. I have noticed that after I acted like an uncaring, laid-back, some-what scary, intimidating girl they didn’t talk much, in fact, after lunch they didn’t speak to me at all. That confused me.

I opened my eyes and snatched my purse as I got out of the car. With the need to unlock the door, I knew my parents weren’t home, confirming the fact they weren’t there was the fact my dogs were absent. Entering the house, it faintly smelled like gingerbread, and my mouth started to water. I walked through the house up to my room, still wearing my shoes. Ever since we got a third puppy, shoes have mysteriously gone missing.

Tossing my huge purse onto my bed, I kicked off my heels and threw off my jacket. Walking towards my closet, I lifted off my shirt, walking across in my black, lacy bra. I took out one of my new three dollar white tee’s and slipped off my jeans. Digging through my clothes until I found my holey, shredded and paint-covered jeans, I slipped them on.

Grabbing a ponytail on my way to the bathroom, I slid it onto my wrist as I washed off all the makeup I put on this morning. I headed back out after finishing my face off with warm water.

Heading back into my room, I threw my hair up into a quick, messy bun. Once inside, I locked my door and prepared my easel, canvas, paint, and brushes. Whenever I am stressed out, panicky or upset, painting calms me down and makes me happier.

Sharpening a pencil, I began thinking about what I wanted to paint. Taking my Serius Satellite Radio Dock remote, I turned it on and the music flooded my room. Turning it up to a very loud level, I began sketching. Finally coming up with a fairly decent sketch, I began painting.

With bits of paint flying off the brush as I angrily, and viciously yanked it across the canvas, my white shirt soon became colourful. After a few minutes, my barbaric strokes became graceful ones. Eventually I got lost in my artwork, losing track of time.

“Autumn!” I heard my mother’s shrill voice call. “Hurry up and get down here, darlin’!”
Hearing her voice over my loud music was not shocking. It was, however, shocking to have heard her voice when I thought no one was home. I looked at my alarm clock as I placed my brush down. Three hours had passed, because the clock now read six thirty-five.

As I made my way downstairs, one of my dogs met me halfway up. Confused as to why the other two had not followed, I walked a little faster. Turning the corner around the railing, I stopped immediately when I saw Jeydon Williams standing in my foyer. Unable to look away from his hazel eyes, I timidly walked closer to my Mom who was only a few feet away.

I had not noticed the single red rose in his hand, or my Mom’s smiling, proud face. I sucked in a deep breath as I approached, not even thinking about my shitty appearance. I completely forgot about my no makeup wearing, hair pulled back, paint covered self. All that was going through my mind was: What the fuck. Why did he think he could come here?

“Autumn, baby, don’t be so shy. Get your cute ass over here.” My Mom spoke, and I finally looked away from Jeydon and towards my excited Mom. She motioned me even closer, trying to subtly wave her hand to get me closer. When I finally got close enough, she wrapped an arm around my waist and brought me even closer. It happened pretty quickly, but I wished it didn’t happen at all.

Natalie’s going to freak.

Looking from my Mom to Jeydon, I finally spoke. “What are you doing here, Jeydon?” I felt my Mom’s grip tightening signally I had said the wrong thing. I refrained from rolling my eyes and kept looking at Jeydon. It seemed like forever before he finally responded, but in reality it only took a second. Slow motion? Never really liked it anyway.

“Well,” He smiled, glancing at my Mom then back to me. “I was wondering if you wanted to go to the drive-in theatre tonight. I already checked, and Just My Luck is playing.” Drive-in movie theatre: a.k.a. a theatre in which you can do sexual things and no one notices... how fun.

“Uh,” I raked my brain for a polite way to shut him down in from of my Mother. If it wasn’t for her I would have said ‘Go fuck yourself,’ pushing him outside and slamming the door in his face. However, I knew I had to do it civilly. “I have a lot of homework. I shouldn’t leave the house tonight.”

“Don’t be silly!” My Mom’s presence yet again made itself known and I wanted to slap her. “I can excuse you from any work you haven’t finished. Now go up to your room and get changed.” Practically glaring at my Mom, I stalked away.

“Fuck!” I shouted, my music still quietly playing in the background. “This is ridiculous. I swear to God, if she only knew what she was throwing me into...”

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Jessica Albaas Autumn Philips
Shenae Grimesas Natalie Brooks
Authur Salesas Brett Reiter
Jesse McCartneyas Travis Gallagher
Alex Pettyferas Jeydon Williams
Alex Evansas David Gilmore
Dave Francoas Mark Brown
Ariana Grande as Kassey Smitt
Jeremy Youngas Kyle Lenard
Zac Efronas Steven Jacobs
Rachel McAdamsas Samantha Corodin
Salma Hayekas Megan Philips

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