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Because you're worth it (boyxboy)




Boobies! X

So mature. Collarbone

D!ck :D x

This is going to be a long afternoon. Eyes.

Finger ;) x

Gosh -_-

That's not a body part! X


Hair! x

-y backside....Intestines :P

Yummy! J...Jayden's bum! X


Lubricated buttocks...x

Two can play at this game. Ma$turb@tion area.

Hawt xP Nipples :D x


Pen!s! x

You already had d!ck.

Fine...poo hole. x

Q...Q...the Queen's bum...

LOL!! Sexy ;) R...Ryan's head x


Abs! Kidding. Test!cles! X

Udders o.O

Lmfao...venomous-snake-nose? x

Or v@gina *eye roll* worms.

Ew! Nasty. To both answers. X-ray-machine-shows-bones?

LOL scared of women's areas, Tyler? ;) Your mum's pub!c hair.

Ew again!!!!! Z-is-the-writing-sound-effects-for-snoring-which-comes-from-your-nose! X


"Win!" I crowed euphorically as Jayden and I completed our body parts alphabet. This was the fourth alphabet we'd done today and I admit it was getting tedious. I mentioned so and I laughed at me, asking if he could come over. I answered with an 'of course!' and waited (impatiently) for him to get here.


Ryan and Dale eyed me as I walked into the kitchen with a happy smile on my face.

"Why are you so happy?"

"Is a guy not allowed to be happy?" I asked, faking hurt. Dale narrowed his eyes.

"Depends why,"

"Because Jayden's picking me up in a few," I grinned back and he scowled. I skipped out of the kitchen and - as if on cue - the doorbell rang. I was out of the door in a flash, tackling Jayden in a big hug.


"Hey," I laughed as he lifted me up, giving me a big hug in return.

"Hey, sexy," he replied, kissing my temple. He put me down and I snuggled up to him as he gently led the way to his battered old car outside the house. I let him go and got in, bouncing in excitement.

"Where are we going?" I asked brightly and he smiled.

"I...don't know. Shopping?"


My eyes lit up and he laughed. "Shopping it is," he nodded to himself. The drive to the town centre wasn't far - we could have walked, but Jayden didn't know where we were going in the first place. Soon he'd parked his old banger and we were getting out, me extremely excited.


I felt kind of bad because usually I went with Ben and the girls, and Ben was probably feeling pretty lonely right now. Jayden saw my face fall and tilted my chin up, looking at me, concerned.

"Tyler? You okay?"

"Mm...don't worry," I waved my hand dismissively and smiled again. "Let's go!" I beamed and he grinned, taking my hand as we made our way to the mall.


"So, Tyler, what's your favourite interest?" he asked as we approached the mall.

"Sex," I winked and he laughed. "Kidding, probably drama," I said.

"Drama? Cool!"

"What about you, what's your favourite hobby?" I smiled, which turned into a beam as we entered the mall.

"I'm not sure really, I don't do a lot. I'm quite boring. I do love skiing though," he added as an afterthought. My jaw dropped.

"You're not boring! You're awesome," I grinned, kissing his cheek, then his lips briefly. He smiled almost shyly.

"You know, you're the first guy ever to say that to me besides my best friend,"

"Really?! But you are, why haven't people told you?"

"I work a lot, and don't do much else. I'm pretty boring. The times when I see you are the times when I'm off work...I work day and evening shifts. You're pretty much the only thing in my life worth talking about right now,"


I blushed. Hard. He laughed at me, but kindly, and took my face in his hands, giving me a gentle kiss.

"I really, really like you Tyler," he said softly, hugging me for a second before taking my hands in his.

"Me too," I whispered, kissing him again. It was true; I couldn't deny my feelings for this He really was amazing.


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Logan Lermanas Tyler Fox
Chad Michael Murrayas Evan Gallagher
James Marsdenas Dale Fox
Jesse McCartneyas Ben Barratt
Gaspard Ullielas Ryan Fox
Emma Stoneas Megan Turner
Bonnie Wrightas Charlotte Morgan

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