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Forgotten Memories 2




The Betrayed is a 2008 American thriller film, directed by Amanda Gusack from her own screenplay and starring Melissa George, Oded Fehr andChristian Campbell.

The story follows a young woman as she's put through a psychological journey under the thumb of a mysterious figure who suspects her husband of stealing millions from a crime syndicate.




Gin's POV



Paitsang hinagis ko ang suot na amerikana sa katabing sofa as I lay my body down to the bed sa sobrang pagod.



I have finished at 8 pm the meeting with the staff.  May panibago na naman kasing project na sisimulan ang local government that I have to supervise it in close distance.  



Alain texted me awhile ago na hindi pa tapos ang conference na ginanap sa mismong Kapitolyo. They managed to hide my presence during those time.  Alain is very careful not to let them know that I was actually up in the same building and conducting some important meetings.  Dahil kung malalaman nila I am sure they will do everything to guard every door of the building para lamang makuhaan ako ng personal na interview.



I closed my eyes sa pagod, no doubt even dinner is not possible for me at this state of my exhaustion.  Natigilan ako ng mag vibrate ang celphone ko na nasa bulsa ng pants ko.  Kinuha ko iyon and when I saw who is calling agad na sinagot ko iyon.




"Hey, angel."



Tumawa ng marahan ang nasa kabilang linya.  "I could tell you are so exhausted.  How's your day?"



I smiled.  Nakapikit pa rin ang mga mata.  "Fine.  Same old routine.  And how about you?  Are you at school?"



"Yeah.  I just called to know how you are doing.  I have watched the news last night."



I sighed.  "Don't worry about it, I am fine."



Ilang saglit na katahimikan.









"Lolo called me up."



Napamulat ako.  




"He knew we should start to think about the preparation for the coming wedding."



I drew a deep breath.  "I know.  Are you coming home?"



"After a month or so Gin, I know I have to personally arranged all the plan."



Napapikit ako uli.  I could feel the heaviness in my head.  So many things to do.  



"Yes.  And I would really love to see you angel.  It's been such a long time already," I said.



Natawa ang nasa kabilang linya.



"I know."



I sighed.  This is going to be a very busy month.






Alain parked the car near the store.  Napatigin ito sa paligid.  "Governor, this is the place."



Napatingin ako sa paligid.  Kokonti naman ang bystander at bihira lamang ang dumaraan.  This coming saturday ay kaarawan ni Lolo.  I know Lian can't come.  She's been working in a contract in New York as a teacher.  And although I have missed her I know she has to do it for herself.  She loves teaching.



Binuksan ko ang kotse.  "I'll be just a minute."



Napatingin ako sa store.  It's a jewelry store that Florence suggested when I told her I want a gift for my grandfather.  Sabi niya there is a place in Makati where I could found the rarest type of watch and jewelries since I told her I preferred a watch for his birthday.

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The Betrayed


Eliza Dushkuas Alex Monteverde
Taylor Kitschas Gin De Villa
Ian Somerhalderas Fredrick
Sam Claflinas Lance Miguel
Sela Wardas Clarissa Monteverde

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