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One Shots for my Stories!




Hey guys so this little thing here is just little one-shots for my other stories I have written. Some will be kind of like checking in on the characters lives and others are just ideas that I never got a chance to put in the stories. :)



Oh and pic on the side is a cover of a story that I'm going to start after I'm done with Bound At Heart! It will be another humor story, and I'm so excited!



One Night with the Prince......



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Anna’s POV:






“Zach! Charlie’s on the run again!” I shouted chasing after out little boy. He was giggling and was fast for a little five year old! Of course he takes after me. I heard a groan before I spotted my husband coming towards us with a determined face,




“Charlie! How many times have your mother and I told, not to run around naked!” Charlie merely laughed and sideswiped the both of us just as Zach made a grab for him,




“Da*n it.” He cursed. I tried not to laugh but it was useless. Zach narrowed his eyes at me playfully,






“If I would have known that procreating with you would have resulted in that…” He pointed in the direction where Charlie ran off to. I could hear his laughing still making me chuckle, “I would have chosen another candidate.” He joked. He always told me this but I know he loves us to pieces. I playfully glared at him and punched his shoulder making him rub it,






“Oh please! No one is as awesome as me!” I declared. He snorted quietly and rolled his eyes,






“Or modest.” He reminded me. I smirked but suddenly I heard a cry,






“Looks like Miranda is up from her nap.” I kissed Zach’s cheek and walked quickly to our daughter’s nursery that was right beside our room. Going in she stopped crying momentarily since she heard the door open. I smiled and picked up my little six month old. She had her father’s eyes but my red hair. Her arms reached for me and I picked her up with a grin on my face.






“Hey there beautiful girl. Are you hungry? I think you are!” I cooed at her making her giggle. She grabbed onto my finger and tried to suck on it but I just grabbed a bottle that was already ready and warm and gave it to her. She drank it up eagerly making me chuckle,






“You are my little piggy aren’t you?” I asked. She gazed up at me with those big blue eyes of hers and just stared. Rocking back and forth softly I listened to the sounds of outside,






“Charlie! Get back here! No one wants to see your yoo-hoo!” I heard my lovely husband yell making me laugh. Man, that boy can run! He takes after me way too much! The door burst open, startling Miranda,






“Charlie for the last time go put some clothes on!” I instructed. I love my little boy but he can be such a headache sometimes. He pouted at me,






“But mummy! The statues outside don’t have clothes!” Zach snuck up behind him and caught him up quickly making him squeal,






“Time for clothes!” He announced. Charlie tried to squirm away but Zach was having none of that,…that is, until Charlie started to pee,






“Arg!” Zach cried out setting him down. Charlie laughed and took off running again. I can’t believe he peed on him! I bit my lip as I placed Miranda in her play pen, trying not to laugh,



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2 years ago
I was giggling like a fool throughout this... Too hilarious..

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One Shots for my Stories!

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