Mischief Matter {HP Fan-Fic}

Dedicated to
J.K Rowling

Disclaimer:The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and all its characters belong to the talented J.K. ROWLING. The only character in this series that belongs to me is Aoife Thanatos (pronounced EE-Fa THAW-na-Tos). This is purely a work of fiction and I wrote this for my writing pleasure and that of my readers, I do not take copyright claims onany of the settings/ characters in this book apart from Aoife Thanatos. This Story could be used for promotional use only.

Chapter One: Meet Our Heroine

Aoife huddled in a tiny corner of her bedroom, refusing to believe what her heart knew to be true. Her mother had been taken.

In all honesty she did not know what he-who-shall-not-be-named wanted with a middle aged squib that lived in a muggle city with her half-blood daughter. A daughter who despite displaying natural magical abilities had not once in her fifteen years opened a magical text book. Aoife knew she should be in Hogwarts but her mother and she thought it unnecessary and so she now found herself in quite an alarming situation indeed.

Aoife crawled across her room, mindful of the shattered glass from the 'death-eater' invasion. Occasionally a piece of shattered crystal would embed itself into her palm or knees causing a low hiss to slip past her tightly clenched teeth. She didn't know why she was quiet. Voldemort's followers were long gone but, as she could see once she reached her broken window, their mark yet remained casting the backyard in an alien green glow.

"Damn it, Aoife...what will you do now?" She snarled under her breath as she glared at the nebulous snakes adorning her view of the night sky.

She was so angry, at Voldemort but mostly at herself. She should have gone to Hogwarts when she had the chance! Her Aunt Rosetta had offered to fund her studies but her proud mother had refused, insisting that her daughter was to live a normal life away from the dangers of witchcraft.

And while that tactic kept her relatively safe from harm for the four years since she began showing signs of magic...it was no use to her now. Now Aoife was alone. Her father had died of a muggle disease when she was nine and her mother was kidnapped, probably being tortured as Aoife sat pathetically vulnerable in her upturned home.

Aoife looked around for something, anything that she could use to contact her Aunt. Somehow she knew a simple phone call wouldn't work. As she contemplated her situation she heard the unmistakable cracking sound of an apparition, causing her to look around her room in panic.

"He has grown reckless Severus," Aoife heard from somewhere near. She bit her lip, cowering behind some of the fallen debris.

"What would they want with a woman like Matilda? She had no magical powers," the same voice continued.

"You seem to forget," responded Severus, "of her lineage. Squib or not her blood is purer than that of any of his servants."

Aoife blinked in confusion, what could her mum's ancestry have to do with all of this? Her mum was a squib of two wizard parents, there was nothing new about her...right?

"Hmm," came the cryptic reply. Aoife tensed at the sound of approaching footsteps.

"Maybe you could tell me, Miss Thanatos," Aoife started and looked up at the brightest blue eyes she had ever seen. "What Voldemort would want with your mother?"

Aoife swallowed and stared at the bearded man in front of her. He was tall and held himself with great grace but what caught her attention the most was his right hand. It looked dead, rotten and Aoife wondered what kind of injury he would have received to damage his hand so badly.

"What will we do with the girl Dumbledore?" The nasally voice of whom Aoife could now identify as Severus said. Aoife stared at him, his clothers and hair were pitch black so that they blended against the darkness in the room, the only thing she could see was his face, which was adorned by a prominent nose. He was staring at her strangely, and Aoife could only compare it to how she would stare at a particularly skiddish animal.

"Send a patronous to her Aunt Rosetta," The blue eyed man, Dumbledore said confidently. He smiled warmly at Aoife for a minute before turning to stare  back at Severus. "Tell her the Order has her niece."

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