Chapter 12

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I'm going to be an evil with this story now he he

OoOoO three days later OoOoO

I was sat watching Karen with the rest of the gang minus Darry, soda and Steve they were at work she had only been awake a few times but went back to sleep straight away. The doctors said she can can home as soon as she wakes up properly. I've missed alot of school and Darry said if she doesn't wake up today I have to go to school tomorrow. I could hear her mumbling in her sleep everyone leaned closer

"Get away from me, no don't touch me" she started to cry in her sleep I panicked and got a nurse. She came in and checked Karens temperature and shook her head

"104 that's not good she is developing a fever"The nurse walked out and back in with a damp cloth and patted Karen's forehead. The nurse turned ot us "I think it would be better if you leave" Dally and Two-bit nodded and started to walk out Johnny followed I took one last look and walked away. I knew we had to go in Two-bits car I hate going in it his brakes are out once again and he rolls through stop signs literally. He is trying to get him and other people killed. We walked out and I climbed into the back with Johnny. The first stop sign Two-bit ran he drove too fast to cause and accident the second one he nearly stopped it completly but the front half of the car was in the road so we carried on

"Jesus Two-bit, you want to cause an accident?" He turned around to me completely and as he did it Dally grabbed a hold of the wheel. "Two-bit turn around now" He winked at me and grabbed the steering wheel. Dally glared at him if looks could kill Two-bit would be dead right now. We finally got to my house in one piece. Me and Johnny jumped out while Dally casually slid out. Two-bit was laughing

"I had you all scared didn't I?" Dal went over and slap him over the head. "Hey, what was that for?" Dally shrugged

"You nearly killed me" I looked at everyone

"Want to go to the dingo then the DX?"They looked at me, Dally answered first

"Sure i'm starved" Johnny nodded and Two-bit grinned

"Sure kid" I grimaced

"I'm not a kid"

"Well what are you?" I turned to him

"Not a kid"

"Okay then you cant be called ponyboy then you have to be called horseman" He emphasized boy I just rolled my eyes at his stupidity and started to walk to the dingo. We sat in the booth next to the juke box just like the time when I did with Karen. Two-bit smirked at a greaser girl and she walked over and slapped him "Why does everyone keep slapping me today?!" She glared at him

"That's for cheating on Kathy and dont say you didn't because we saw you with his girl" She pointed to me and I stared at him wide-eyed in disbelief, I looked at the girl

"You sure? What did she look like?" Two-bit kept his head down. The girl nodded and told me what Karen looked like "And where did this happen?"

"At bucks" I got up punched Two-bit square in the nose hopefully breaking it and walked home Dally in tow with Johnny. I lost it picked up a few stones and started to throw them at Two-bit cars breaking all his windows I turned to Johnny

"Got your blade?" He nodded "Hand it over" Dally looked at Johnny

"Give it him Two-bit gets what he deserves" Johnny tossed the blade to me and I slashed his tyres. I changed my mind of where I was going and went to the DX to see Soda he would know what to do what with what he went through with Sandy and her moving to Florida. Steve was at the pumps

"Steve, where's Soda" He looked at me