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Romancing The Ice Prince

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Chapter 5.


"What are you doing here, bitch?"

Parang natauhan ako nang may tumawag sa akin. I looked around and stopped dead on my tracks when I recognized him

I regonized a familiar gorgeous face, messy jet black hair, red lips with its' oh-so-familiar-bad-boy smirk and grey eyes .

"Andrew!?" hindi makapaniwalang tanong ko.

"If you're talking about Andrew Salvador. Oh yeah, baby. The one and only" He was smirking but then he flashed his mouth-watering smile that could make panties scattered all around the floor.

I gaped at him.

"Jesus, bitch. Don't gape at me like i'm freaking Zeus from Mount Olympus. Where's my hug?"

I chuckled and ran towards him. I hugged him tightly. "You, Asshole! Hindi ka na nagbago! Still managed to blurt Jesus' name before a shit. Still the Andrew fucking Salvador." I call him that and she calls me 'bitch' it's somehow our endearment.

He chuckled. He put his hands on my shoulder and started to scrutinize me. "What!?"

He frowned then smirked. "I missed you."

I laughed. "Wait, what the hell are you doing here?"

Umupo kami sa isang bench. "I went to my daughter's teacher. Some piano performance.."

"Oh, I remember. Ginger, isn't it? How old is she now?"

He smiled, staring at nowhere. "She's a lovely girl turning eight." I caught that glimpse. And with that, I knew he's a great father.

How about Alex' father? Makikita ko rin ba ang glow sa mga mata niya kapag pinaguusapan ang anak?

How would you know, Rein? You've never given him the chance, sambit ng isip ko.

I shook my head.. "So, she's playing the piano? Such a talent. Pareho sila ng Mommy niya. So, how was Bianca?" Pangdidistract ko from thinking about Miguel. Bianca is Andrew's wife.

But how silly I am? Bianca Yanel Tan is very much related to Miguel. Infact, they are siblings.

Biglang tumahimik. Lumingon ako kay Andrew. Nakatulala lang siya at nawala na ang ngiti. May nasabi ba akong mali? Anong nangyari?

I knew they have a complicated marriage. I didn't knew the whole story. Hindi ko kasi ugaling manghimasok ng buhay ng may buhay. 

"She died, Rein.. She died.. four years ago pa." hirap na hirap na sabi nito.

Parang bombang sumabog 'yun sa harapan ko. I froze. Hindi makapaniwala. Shock was an understatement. What? What? Narinig ko ba talaga ng mabuti ang sinabi niya? Did he just---

"What? Oh my God! She what? No, no, no.. please tell me that I didn't heard it right. I'm having difficulty with----"

"No, it's true. I wish I was just kidding... but I'm not. She died."

Napatulala ako. Nagpaprocess pa ang mga sinabi niya sa utak ko. Naptitig ako sa lupa. Biglang nagflashback sa akin ang nakaraan.

Tears were about to fall. I didn't know how should I feel about what Miguel's mother said to me. She just accused me of being a gold-digger! Ang sakit na duruduruin ako ng mama niya habang wala si Miguel. Worst, pinapalayo pa ako sa anak niya!

"Hey,uhmmmm... Ate Rein?"

I looked up just to see Bianca, Miguel's little sister. She has the same blue eyes. She was so charming and cute. She looked like an angel.

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