Chapter Eight

-It's The Sauce That Makes The Difference-

I was laying on my bed on my stomach, flicking through a text book, making some notes when Kathy literally skipped into the room.

“La di da da,” she sung to herself in no particularly familiar tone. “Oh, hi.” she noticed me on the bed

“Hey,” I replied, closing my book. “How was your day?” I asked and she shrugged her petite shoulders.

“Meh, but a girl in one of my classes invited me to drinks tonight, would you like to come?” She asked, dumping her armful of books onto the bed and pulled off her grey cardigan revealing her cute flower printed sun dress.

“Oh god, yes,” I replied. “A drink is just what I need,” I told her, rolling onto my back and looking at the ceiling.

“Big day?” she giggled, standing above me next to the bed. “Want a girlfriend cuddle?” she pouted with her arms spread wide, I laughed and threw a small pillow at her.

“Shut up. No I went to class and left with a male mentor and he has these stupid rules and half the time they make no sense.” I covered my face with my hands. “’It’s okay to die not knowing how electric eels mate without stinging each other’,” I mocked Taylor.

“Say what?” Cathy replied, confused.

“I was asking all these questions and that’s what he told me. I went with it, but he’s weird. Pure and simple.”

“I like it," She told me after a moment. “I may use it... could be a life motto or something,” She pondered as she looked into her wardrobe wistfully. “Mum will be proud and think I’m not meeting boys and getting drunk while I’m here...” I watched her amused as she had a conversation with herself. “...She always does worry about the university scene and all the bad people I’m likely to meet... My sister got pregnant in her first year of Uni, you know?” She asked me and I shook my head at her, indicating I didn’t know.

“Where are we going tonight?”I asked and she shrugged again.

“We’re meeting Caitlyn down the hall and going with her and a couple of her friends. I suppose it’s in walking distance.”

“Alright, I’ll go jump in the shower then. Had a workout after class with Taylor and Jake and some other guys and now I feel completely disgusting,” I told her and she nodded and waved me off.

Pondering life’s mysteries in the shower, which is pretty much the only way you can ponder life’s mysteries properly, my mind went to Jake. He was so nice and good looking that I couldn’t believe anyone wouldn’t follow him blindly like a puppy to whichever town he decided he wanted to live in. I was crushing on him hard and really, who could blame me? He had a beach babe look mixed with the city guy style. His hair was short enough to look neat but long enough to look shaggy when he didn’t style it. His eyes were bright sky blue that made you melt and his smile was so genuine that he couldn’t look insincere, even if he tried. He was always dressed smartly, even if he was in tracksuit pants ninety percent of the time, he would still team it with a collared polo shirt. But it wasn’t just his looks either, it was his personality. He hardly knew me and still gave me a pair of his tracksuit pants when I needed them. He would help anyone out and not expect anything in return. He included everyone into everything he was doing and it didn’t bother him in the slightest. He was definitely raised right, his parents had to be incredible because guys like Jake just didn’t exist nowadays and even if they were pretending to be incredible, it was usually because they had ulterior motives.

I reluctantly turned the shower off and dried myself off. Getting ready, I took more time than usual appreciating the make-up, clothes and perfume more than I did before. I loved being a girl and being able to dress myself up like a Barbie doll. It was a pain in the ass before but now I couldn’t help enjoying it more, having spent half a week feeling like a slob. I stepped out of the bathroom and Kathy grinned at me.