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God, there's so much bad juju in here!" Mizz Ivory exclaimed, walking into Callie's apartments five hours after Chris walked out of it.

       "Callie." Abel went straight to her and hugged her. "I'm sorry we couldn't come til now, busy day at the Salon and all." He drew back and stared at her with concern. "How are you holding up?"

       Callie shrugged, eyes red and puffy from crying for hours. "Okay I guess."

       "Oooh," Mizz Ivory wrinkled her nose and took out a spray bottle from her little pink purse. "Honey, I can feel the tension in this room. We gotta get all that bad juju out!" She started spraying.

       Abel rolled his eyes and told Callie," Ivory thinks that she was a voodoo African Priestess in her past life and somehow the magic is still within her."

       Mizz Ivory kept spraying. "Uh huh, go ahead on and make fun of me, Abel, but you'll see. Mizz Ivory's got the magic touch."

       "Ivory put that spray back in your purse," Abel scolded, "that ain't nothing but body spray you got from Victoria's Secret."

       Mizz Ivory stopped spraying and gave Abel 'the look'. "Honey, why do you think I shop there? All those skinny sticks got to be using some kind of dark magic to look that skinny beautiful. Ever seen American's Next Top Model?" Ivory snapped her fingers. "Tyra Banks got some major juju."

       "Ignore her," Abel told Callie when Mizz Ivory continued on her quest. "I've been trying to get a hold of Chris but he wont pick up his phone."

       "You've been consorting with the enemy," Callie laughed dryly, "he probably knows you're here."

       "You poor, dear," Abel patted her hand. "Come, let's sit down and you tell me again from the beginning exactly what happened here."

        Callie led Abel to the couch and it was there where she told him everything that happened, even to her accidental confession. "I didn't mean to tell him like that," she whispered, "he just kept pressing me and making me mad until pop. I said it."

       Abel made himself comfortable on the couch, studying Callie's tortured expression. "Darling, the man is on his way on falling in love with you and he doesn't know it."

       Callie's head shot up, eyes widening. "F-falling in love?"

       "With you, honey."

       She shook his head. "I don't think so, Abel. He didn't look like a man in love."

       "Because he doesn't know it yet. Haven't you been listening to me?" Abel sighed. "Chris is so stubborn that it'll probably take him months before he realizes and months before he accepts it. Accepts that he'd falling in love with"

       Callie groaned and covered her face with her hands. "I'm screwing everything up so badly, Abel."

       "Now is probably a good time to tell him, darlin'," Mizz Ivory said, walking from her bedroom and into the living room. "And what on earth happened to your door?"