St. Thomas

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I am going on the cruise of a lifetime! It's starting in Mexico, Jamaica, St. Thomas, France, and then Italy! How cool is that! AND I get to bring a friend! Of course I was going to bring my BFF, Lexi. You should have seen her face when I told her! " OMG! No way in hell! Seriously! OMG, Ali! No way! I totally love you!!!" Then she started to jump around and my little brother sneaked up on her and she fell on her ass! So I was laughing my ass off and Owen came up behind me and and kissed my neck and scared me, so I fell on my ass. I refused to kiss him until now. We were boarding the cruise, Owen had my sea bag across his shoulder. He leaned down and I kissed him hard. I wouldn't see him for two months! Lexi started to get impatient, so I pulled away. "Hey babe want to see my room?" " Well that depends do I get to give you your goodbye present?" " Surly!" We made out and until he had to leave. I waved bye like everyone else and went back to my room. I was glad that I wasn't sharing a room with Lexi or that would have been embarrassing. Now let the fun begin!!!!

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Mandy Mooreas Ali
Ryan Sypek as Jr.
Lily Collinsas Lexi

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