Fun Facts About One Direction


-ideal kiss is on a roof under the moonlight

-cries watching chick flicks

-is 5"9


-dates no younger than 16 (so sad)

-secret talent is drawing

-favorite color is blue

-is a Niall fan

-bites his lip when nervous or hiding something

-has dated triplets at the same time (naughty Zayn, no cheating)

-thinks the best part of a girl is her eyes

-likes curvy girls

-cant live without his phone

-favorite kind of date is dinner and a movie

-used to write songs for his girlfriend

-in their 53 minutes and 14 seconds long album, he got 5 minutes and 38 seconds worth of solos

-favorite song is Thriller by Michael Jackson

-in Sugarscape's top 50 hottest males of 2011, he was #3

-dances funny when drunk

-twitter background is himself (conceited much?)

-thinks Louis would describe his naked body as " hot and spicy"

-when asked, " What attracts you the most to a girl?" he answered, " the soft parts..."

-dates no older than 40

-Zayn (originally spelt Zain) means beautiful

-cant live without chicken

-looks for intelligence in a girl

-if he were a girl he would fancy Louis

-if he were stranded on an island, he'd take Louis with him if he had the chance

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