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Our Twisted Love (Under Major Construction)


“Are you serious?!” I screamed to the now darkening clouds. Of all the times for the clouds to drop water on us, they choose now. Only 10 minutes after I have just gotten my hair done. 


I hurried over to a small dry area under the sign for a store. 


I stared daggers at the small drops of falling rain. I folded my arms as I prepared to wait patiently for it to die down. 


It didn’t. 


Instead the raindrops were falling harder and faster by the second, as the sky turned a gloomy gray. “Just great!” I growled. I debated on whether or not to make a run for my car. But it was almost three blocks away, and I definitely was not about to ruin my hair. I stomped my foot as I pouted. 


Someone cleared their throat, “Are you okay?” I turned behind me to look where the voice had come from. 


My jaw nearly hit the ground when I saw the gorgeous man standing before me. He had dark, almost black hair that was wild and crazy, high cheekbones, strong jaw, nice lips, and damn those eyes. His eyes burned into mine, a bright electric blue. 


I found myself caught in a haze as I tried to remember what my previous thoughts were before I was so suddenly side tracked. 


“Are you?” His deep velvety voice rang out. 


“Uhm, huh?” I said, unable to form coherent sentences. 


“I said are you okay. You looked rather upset.” 


I shook my head slightly, trying to regain my composure. “Oh… uhm, y-yes I’m f-fine.” 


“You sure? You looked about ready to cry?” 


Oh, that voice! “Y-yeah, it’s j-just t-that it’s raining a-and I just g-got my hair d-done and I don’t w-want to ruin it.” Damn it, why was I stuttering?!


“Ahh, I see.” he said. He paused for a moment. “You know, I do happen to have an umbrella here.” He raised his left hand to show me a black umbrella. 


“G-great for you. You uhm, won’t get wet.” 


“It could be great for you too, if you want to share. I could walk you to your car, and protect your hair.” he said smiling. 


“N-no it’s fine you don’t have to.” 


“No no, I insist. I can’t just leave a beautiful girl like you out here in the rain.” He smiled brightly at me, his eyes becoming even brighter. “C’mon.” 


I couldn’t help the silly grin that spread over my face. “Ok, fine.” 


“Alright, where did you park?” 


“This way,” I pointed to the right, “like three blocks down.” 


The man opened up his black umbrella, which was big enough to cover at least 10 people. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders, pulling me close to him as he held it over both of our heads. We stepped out of the small dry area and started walking in the direction of my car. 


Neither of us spoke the entire time we walked. I didn’t because I was trying extremely hard to keep the grin off of my face at the fact that he had his arm wrapped around me. 


“There it is.” I said, pointing to it. We crossed the street and walked over to my red Mercedes. I pulled the keys out of my pocket and unl$ocked the door. I opened up the door and prepared to climb in when I suddenly felt his hold tighten on my shoulders. I turned my head to look at him. 


“I never got your name.” he said.


“A-Alana, yours?” 


“Just call me Ash.”


“Ok, Ash.” 


“Will I be seeing you around again, Alana?” 


“Maybe you will, Ash.” 


“Well how about I get your number that way I'll be 100% sure that I’ll see you again. Or at least talk to you.” 


I smiled, “323-518-2354.” Ash plugged the numbers into his phone. 


“I’ll let you go now, I’m sure you have other things to do.” he said, stepping back from me. I sat down in the car and shut the door. I put the keys in the ignition, starting the car up. As I was about to pull off, I didn’t miss Ash mouth the words I’ll call you later, Laney. 

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Chapter 1*


Hayden Panettiereas Alana
Matt Bomeras Ash
Alex Pettyferas Jace
Ryan Reynoldsas Brett
Penn Badgleyas Chase
Kendall Jenner as Kimberly

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