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Changes. Chapter 2. Early Mornings

"Lucy, sweetie, wake up"

Grumbling I looked up to my mother, "What time is it?"

"Nearly 7. Breakfast is on the table."

I groaned and fell back into my bed."Five more minutes? Please?"

"No" I made a face. Laughing at my expression my mom left me. I love my mom, I do. Just not in the morning.

After I got up, and gathered my schools uniform of a black skirt, white shirt and a red, white and black stipped tie.I ran to the bathroom, showered and dressed. Fixing my brown, curly hair into a high bun, I quickly applied the bare minimal make-up. Tiniest amount of foundation to even the skin tone, a dab eyeliner, a line of liner and some masccara.

Dashing downstairs, I grabbed some toast while I was slipping on my shoes. Quicly hugging my mom and kissing my dad on the cheek, I jogged to the bus stop. No-one there yet, I sat on a near bench and closed my eyes while I was waiting.

"So, you live near-by?"I heard a voice ask. Opening one eye.I looked at the speaker

"Oh, yeah. Hi again Adam. You waiting for the bus too?"I asked patting the seat next to me, for him to sit.

"Nope, I'm getting the mail for my mom. I drive to school." came the reply. "You want a ride?"

Looked at him fo a second, "Um... sure. Thanks."

He nodded saying to follow him. I walked behind him, until we came to a car, I don't know what kinda car it was but it was super pretty. It was sleek, silver and shined. "Your cars pretty," I told him."What is it? Actually don't tell me! I wouldn't remember"

Adam just laughed at me. "Your so childlike."

I glared at him. "I do have a mental age of 6. I can't help it!"

Getting into the car, we sat in silence until he made me aware he to collect his friends. I nodded.

We pulled up ouside Stacey's house. What are we doing here? It became obvious why we were there when Connor emerged from the house, slaming the door as he left.




I didn't know Connor and Adam were friends. When did that happen? Come to think of it, I didn't know Connor had friends...




Connor didn't even see me as he opened the door and nearly sat on me. Realising who I was, he glanced up at Adam, "Dude, why is she here?"

Adam glanced up at him a smirk written on his face, "I bumped into her. Now close the door and go get in the back"

Not beliving Adam, Connor looked at me, "Why are you here?"

"Like he said, we bumped into each other. Oh, and Connor. Love you too."

Connor glared at me and got in the back mumbling something about me 'not knowing' and how he wishes I did know. I raised an eyebrow at Adam. He looked at me "You really have no idea do you?". When I replied in the negative, he just shook his head. What is up with that?

After collecting Connor we pulled up to a coffee shop. After the boys had gotten coffees, we pulled up outside school, 20 minutes earlier than normal. Saying good bye to the boys, I walked the empty hallways. It was creepily silent. Except the fall of my foot steps on the ground it was silent. After getting books from my locker, I decided to get a copy of the school newspapers. I worked on the newspaper after school every thursday,friday,and monday, considering yesterday was Wednesday I had to work today. Nobody knew I worked on the paper, or they knew but they didn't know how much I did. Everyone thought all I did was layout and reveiws. I mean, I did that stuff but more.

It had been the last day of school lat year, the last paper meeting, the old editor, Mike, held me back after the meeting claiming to have to talk to me about layout of the leaflets for the paper next year, or something. Instead He told me he wanted me to be the new Asking Abbey, the advice columnist. No-one but me, Mike, Mrs Shaw(The guidance counseller), and Amanda(the new editor). I was surprised to be asked to say the least. Mabey shocked was a better word. They said it was because I was quite, got good grades and I was wise. Pesonally I thought it was because I was a peacekeeper.

Anyways, flipping through the newspaper, I read a couple of pages, got bored and put it in my bag for later. Wandering around the halls, I heard voices from a class room.

"Dude, you have to tell her." "...Can't..." "..... earlier.........the same" "How do you know? How can I be sure?" "Trust her. Tell her."

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Logan Lermanas Adam
Blake Livelyas Anna
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