Help Arises From Awkward Sights

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Help Arises From Awkward Sights:


Nothing has been going as planned. My birthday was pretty bad, though not a complete failure I thought as I looked over at my light green flower. The whole saving the world thing wasn’t going too well either as Damien’s dad still doesn’t believe that his planet is planning a war. Stress was building in me and if I didn’t find a way to chill out then I was going to explode. Maybe a hot shower will help.

I stood under the burning flow of water and took deep calming breaths of thick steam. Damien has been gone for an hour trying to convince his father to help. I hate to leave Damien alone with his father but he’s a big boy and he won’t let me convince him to chicken out. Sometimes I wish I was strong enough to stand up for him and give his dad a good kick where the sun don’t shine, but trying to fight against him would only make him more angry which in turn means Damien would get hurt more. I wish things weren’t like this but I can’t stop that horrible man.

My tiger jumped around my stomach and across my chest which made me smile. Every time I see the tiger it reminds me of Damien, for good reason as I only have it is because he’s my soul mate. It’s so odd to think of him as my soul mate. I never thought that I would have a soul mate, especially one as gorgeous and perfect as Damien. He really is perfect.

Thinking about Damien made my heart beat faster and my head fell back against the slick wall. With his parents here and us being so busy, I haven’t found time to just be with him. I miss the way that things were before everything was stressful; when we were best friends and spent every day together. I ache for him even though he’s right next to me every day; it’s weird to feel so lonely when I’m inches away from the person that I love the most. Maybe we just need some time alone together to…catch up.

These thoughts weren’t really helping with the whole “calming shower” thing. I decided that it was best to just give up and spend some alone time with my boyfriend. My tiger was snuggled up underneath a warm towel while I dried my wet skin. I pulled on a tank top and some loose pajama pants, for a second I thought that if I was going to try my luck with Damien tonight that maybe I should dress up a bit but then I thought: he’s a guy it doesn’t really matter. After pulling a brush through my hair I shuffled back into the bedroom and flopped down onto the bed. As if on cue Damien walked through the door with his head hung low.

“Wow you look like crap.” I said and he chuckled softly.

“Thanks it’s nice to see you too.” He replied with a scratchy voice. I took his hand and pulled him down onto the bed. When he sat down I saw dark purplish bruising around his neck. I gasped and reached out to touch him cautiously. He moved away from me and shifted his shirt to cover the bruises.

“He hurt you again.” I bluntly stated.

“I’m fine Hayden; you don’t have to worry about me. I’m just so stressed out.” He ran his hands through his hair and sighed. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and kissed his neck.

He didn’t move so I continued to kiss his chin and the corner of his mouth. Suddenly he moved his lips onto mine and pulled me on top of him. My heart kick started and shot off at a brand new speed, faster than ever before. I wrapped my arms around his neck and flipped us over so he was on top. He moved back to raise his eyebrows at me and give me a look that showed he was surprised at my forwardness. Whatever, I’m getting some action. To let him know this I crushed my lips against his.

I slid my fingers into his hair and giggled against his lips. He put his hands on my waist and my skin burned beneath his touch. I moved my hands underneath his shirt and felt his perfect abs. Our kiss was broken only when I pulled his shirt over his head to get a better look at his sculpted body. It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve been able to be with like this. Hopefully I don’t hit in the balls again. Great now I’ve jinxed it and this is bound to go wrong. Damien kissed my neck and the superstitious thoughts left my mind as it was flooded with thoughts of him. He tore my shirt off my body and I giggled again.