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Louis Tomlinson


-after watching New Moon he pretended to be Edward Cullen for the rest of the night

-would love to date a fan

-once showed his bum to his head teacher

-if he were a fan he would fancy Harry

-is 5"9

-favorite band is The Fray

-dates no younger than 17 (so sad)

-loves shopping but wont admit it

-girlfriend cant be tidy

-favorite color is red

-plays piano very well

-born on December 24, 1991

-20 years old

-likes girls who eat carrots

-is very silly on their video diaries

-very loud
-spoke french during an interview with a reporter

-cant live without his phone

-favorite kind of date is dinner and a movie

-dream valentine is Harry Styles

-pulled down Nialls pants in a service station

-calls him mum most nights

-in their 53 minutes and 14 seconds long album, he gets 1 minute and 29 seconds worth of solos

-has a picture of him and Harry on his nightstand

-favorite song is Look After You by The Fray

-the best present he got for christmas this year was a mattress from his mum

-he once said, " I'd like to think I'm sexy, but I dont really think i am, Im not sure there's anything sexy about the way I look."

-likes parties and the movie 'Grease'

-dislikes cheesy chat up lines and baked beans

-if he could go anywhere in the world, he would go to Narnia

-while sleeping, he once got Harry's penis wrapped around his head

-if he were a girl for a day, he would be Cheryl Cole and see what he looks like naked

-in Sugarscape's top 50 hottest males of 2011, he was #4

-twitter background is the standard background

-cries during romantic comedies

-doesnt see the point in 'flings' or short term relationships

-has almost 800,000 followers on Twitter

-likes it when girls wear glasses, fake or not

-dreams about Harry and Niall the most out of all the band members

-when bored he pokes Harry to annoy him

-when asked, " What attracts you the most to girls?" he answered, " BOOBS!"

-met Harry in the toilets

-always gives Liam love bites to make Liam's girlfriend paranoid

-is good with kids

-makes harry cook mac & cheese for him, since he cant cook

-calls Harry pumpkin sometimes

-prank calls Niall when bored and Harry isnt around

-Louis means famed warrior

-prefers kissing to hugging

-sleep walks

-hates when girls are " Goody Goody Two Shoes"

-thinks girls with strong accents are attractive

-wishes to wear high heels sometimes cause he thinks hes on the short side

-not good at playing hard to get

-cant live without his mum

-is really messy

-thinks Zayn has freakishly large hands

-has no cousins

-confronts hate with humor

-thinks girls who blush are to die for

-has size 10 feet

-everytime he sees Harry, he slaps Harry's bum
-goes for "cheeky girls"

-favorite TV progams are Misfits and One Tree Hill

-likes to get to know girls before starting a relationship

-doesnt care how many girls he gets first, he want a son

-favorite word is boobs

-thinks he has a girly bum

-says the other boys arent allowed to wear stripes

-middle name is William

-once got dumped for not being attractive enough

-he's muscliest of the group

-has a foot fettish

-says he's going to stay immature forever, cause he doesnt want to grow up


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