Fun Facts About One Direction


Harry Styles.


- wants a passonate kiss in the rain

-he is 5"10

-if you straighten his hair he cries

-dates no younger than 14

-once wore ONLY a blanket on a plane

-ALWAYS kisses on the first date

-doesn't like it when girl's call themselves ugly

-has slept naked with Louis

-claims his hair is bi-polar ( somedays it's straight other days its not)

-likes girls who smile

-sleeps naked

-favorite color is pink

-amazing flirt

-near-seduced Louis many times

-favorite song is Free Fallin' by John Mayer

-likes curvy girls

-has soft hands

 -NOT a morning person

- after the Red and Black performance, he cried because he thought he ruined the performance

-has a lucky pair of green underwear

-born on Febuary 1, 1994

-18 years old

-wants Louis to be best man at his wedding

-doesnt understand why girls are attracted to him ( GIZZEL)

-is a Louis fan

-sponsors a charity which is trying to find a cure for brain tumours

-spoke french during an interview with a reporter

-describes Louis as "handsome and rugged"

-cant live without his laptop

-favorite kind of date is dinner and a movie

-in a poll asking people if Harry should be the frontman of the band 96.74% said no

-dream valentine is Louis Tomlinson

-in their 53 minutes and 14 seconds the album he gets 7 minutes and 18 seconds worth of solos. (the most)

-finds porn derogatory, but amazing

-favorite song is Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd

-in Sugarscape's top 50 hottest males of 2011 he was #7

-twitter background is a picture of One Direction

-has reached 2,200,000 followers on Twitter ( most of all band members)

-in a survery on facebook, less than 5% said Harry was their favorite band member

-met Louis in the toilets

-dates no older than 44

-cooks mac & cheese for Louis

-calls Louis pumpkin sometimes

-Harry means army ruler

-cant live without his phone

-cleaning freak

-is the woman of the flat that him and Louis share

-gets annoyed when Louis doesnt say " I love you" before he hangs up the phone

-once said, " Until I find the perfect girl, I have Louis."


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Facts about Harry Styles


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