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Hitched In Vegas

Dedicated to
All My Amazing Fans :D)

Since I left you guys with so many unanswered questions. I'll pretty much try to answer them all in this itty bitty epilogue. This is mainly for you Novi Novak Fans ;) Hope You Guys Like It.!




10 Years Later.  

Nicole's P.O.V


" Mommy who is coming?" My six year old son asked.


I answered him for the millionth time, " Your uncle sweety. He's in town."


" I can see he got the dozing off gene from you." Smirked my husband James.


Slapping his arm, I warned, " Hey dont blame me for having a creative mind."


" Oh ya thats what we'll call it." He said jokingly before kissing my cheek and pulling Robert into his arms.


He squirmmed in his fathers grasp but was laughing, " And I thought one James was enough." Said Emily as she walked into the kitchen.


Who was now nine months pregnant with her soon to be beautiful baby girl, " Look at my little angel. She's about ready to pop." I rubbed her belly.


" I cannot wait! Her mood swings have been driving me crazy." Corbin followed his wife, of course carrying all of her bags.


She laughed, " Yeah I know. Let me take advantage."


" Trust me man Nicole was crazy when she was pregnant so I feel your pain." James patted Corbin on the back.


Emily and I shook our heads at the stupidity of our husbands, " I swear they're such drama queens." 


" I totally agree." She sat herself down and rubbed her belly.


Corbin pulled out a bottle of water, and handed it towards her, " You were going to ask me. I can see it in your eyes."


" You did this to me. So now its payback time. " She smirked at him.


I high-fived her, " Preach it girlfriend."


As James and Corbin sat down discussing the superbowl, and Robert kept playing with his drums. I sat with Emily having our weekly gossip. We were just discussing our neighbor's new scandal when I heard the doorbell ring. Robbie was the first to bolt towards the door, I followed him and saw the door opened to a smiling Novi.



" Hey big boy." He pulled Robbie into his arms.


I smiled at the two, " Hey uncle Novi."  Robbie hugged Novi back.


" Hey stranger." I gave him a side hug.


Kissing my temple he laughed, " Oh shutup I've only been gone for what six months."


" Ya Ya whatever. Come on everyones waiting." I ushered him to follow me.


But he didn't move, " I have a suprise for everyone." He said.


" Robbie go over to daddy and Uncle Novi and me will come right now." I pulled Robbie off of Novi and set him down.


He obeyed and ran into the living room, " So whats the supri-" But I was cut off when I saw a girl - who looked very familiar - walk behind Novi. With a slight bump.


" Tiffany!!" Screamed Emily, who was gripping onto the wall as she penguin-ed walked over to the front door.


I looked at Tiffany shocked, " Tiffany is that you!!"


" Haha Yeah its me." She smiled at me.


I punched Novi, " Why are we just hearing about this now!!"


" Yeah man I thought we were best friends." Said Corbin who joined us into the hallway.


Novi chuckled, " Man once you got busy with Emily I didn't wanna bother."


"  You could have told me." Said James.


Novi raised an eyebrow, " You would have told Nicole and than she would have been upset I didn't tell her first and than it'll reach Emily and Corbin. And we all know Emily would have slaughtered me if I told you before her."


" True, True." We all said in harmony.


I forgot we were all standing at the door, " Where are my manners, come on lets go enjoy this Thanksgiving dinner and you can tell us all about how you two met." 



Everyone followed me into the living room. Once we were all seated all around the table, Novi and Tiffany - who were now engaged- began telling us about how they met one day during Novi's concerts. Emily and I cooed at every sweet moment, while James and Corbin grinned at their bestfriend proud. As the story came to an end, Robbie exclaimed he was hungry and suddenly everyone agreed. Even Emily who had already ate three sandwhichs. So James brought the Turkey in and we all began saying grace. While everyone ate, I couldn't help but stare at all of us.

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Ashley Bensonas Nicole Taylor
Cassie Venturaas Emily Long
Cam Gigandetas James Ryan
Channing Tatumas Alex Ryan
Novi Novakas Robert/Novi Novak
Corbin Coxas Corbin Cox

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