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Imagine you were walking along deserted rainforest path


Imagine the heat from the soil rising and making your skin glisen with sweat


Imagine trees so tall around you that you can't see the sky


Imagine leaves the size of windows weeping water hitting your skin


Imagine thirst raking your throat


Imagine hunger clawing your stomache


Imagine loneliness being your only friend


Imagine your delight at seeing a moving figure in the distance


Imagine your tiredness being replaced with a need for speed


Imagine you slowing down think perhaps it is a mirage


Imagine your shock as the figure comes towards you


Imagine your feet running faster than ever


Imagine in your sheer haste falling towards the ground


Imagine the tingled heat shooting into your body as arms take hold of you before hitting the soiled surface


Imagine your gasp as you look up to see bright blue eyes


Imagine your body suddenly being shoved against the bark of a tree


Imagine The face with those gorgeous eyes cover in black cotton


Imagine your hand going up, slowly taking it off. Revealing a strong face


Imagine your core go heavy when you see such a sight


Imagine your hand toughing his tanned face


Imagine raking your hands in thick brown strands


Imagine those eyes shut, head go back and a groan escape from those full lips


Imagine fingers touch your skin then reach up your shirt and feel your rising falling breasts


Imagine moaning at the touch of caloused hands cupping them, nails pinching your peaks making you scream in complete delight


Imagine being yanked forwards, lips eating yours as if desperate for your touch


Imagine moaning as those teasing hands went down and stroked your core


Imagine gripping hard onto his hair as your shorts fall to the ground


Imagine him groan as your hand go up his shirt


Imagine you undoing his zip, your fingers around his hard muscle


Imagine teasing him, making him beg for more


Imagine being gripped by the hips, head hitting the tree hard


Imagine your legs go around a wide muscle build waist


Imagine his hard muscle plunging into you fast and hard, while your shirt is ripped


Imagine thrusts plunging into you as his wicked mouth latches onto your peaked breasts


Imagine screaming begging and whimepering in need


Imagine him groan with victory as he sees your face light up with speedy pleasure


Imagine grabbing hair and kissing him in desperation


Imagine your tongues mating in a dance form as your weeping walls take hold of him tight


Imagine arching forward as his thrust increase in abundance


Imagine your body tighten in pure ecstasy as you scream your climax, hitting every inch of you


Imagine just as you stop he shouts aloud


Imagine as he falls in tiredness because you have sucked him dry

Imagine my dear Imagine as you lay upon the ground smiling up.

Imagine the height of your happiness as you finally are able to see the sky.







Hope you like it Edibles xoxo Comment and Vote thanks. Ms Shaz Evil Edible


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