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Best Friends with Mr. Perfect (ABANDONED)

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Following Harley, Hans, Don, and Kirk stomped back in. Sam stalked into the room, looking around at the six of us curiously. When his eyes landed on me, I shrunk back, wishing I was invisible. A mischievous look on his face, "Hey Ella," he smirked as if we were great friends.

"Bastard," I spat at him.

Aaron pinched my side painfully, "Ow!" I shrieked at him.

Kirk dusted off his jeans, shaking his head, "If she thinks that hurts..."

I gulped at the threatening tone of his voice. I wanted to know what they were waiting around for, if they were waiting around for anything. "Kirk," I said, my voice firm, demanding, and powerful...unlike what I was inside.

He turned to me with a smug smile, "Yes?"

"Can I ask you just one question?" I whispered timidly.

He rolled his eyes, "You can ask anything, doesn't mean I'm gonna give you an answer."

I looked up at him thoughtfully, he didn't know I had already asked Aaron a question. "What does the tattoo mean?"

Hans grumbled under his breath. Aaron cleared his throat, "Don't tell her."

Kirk looked at him sharply, "You. Don't tell me what to and not to do. I'm the boss."

"The boss?" I mumbled quickly, unthinkingly.

"Don't tell her," Aaron warned again, demanding respect with the tone  of his voice.

"Their initials," Kirk's eyes narrowed to splits as he spoke. "Of two young men you knew so well."

I shook my head, "No, no," I already suspected that last night as I was lying awake in bed last night or...four nights ago, according to them.  

"Just accept it for now," Aaron muttered.

I looked at him baffled, "Excuse me?" I whispered. "Those aren't...those aren't Alan and Harry...." I gulped.

Aaron and Sam nodded, willing me to shut up, "Those aren't their initials," I said louder, moving away from Aaron on the wall. "Alan was Alan Patterson. Harry was Harry Bryant," I shook my head once again. "You're wrong. You're all wrong. That says AM and HP."

"Was?" Sam pursed his lips, "You sure about that?" he cocked his head slightly. "I wouldn't infer too might be surprised."

I scraped my knuckles alongside my face. "No. No. Harry is dead...." I declared solemnly. "They found his body, i went to his funeral." 

"What about Alan?" Hans asked slyly, looking down at me like I was five years old.

Was Alan...?

There was no way, I thought to myself. Alan was dead, it was all over the papers two years ago; I was positive.

Kirk willed all of them to shut up. "There's a lot you don't know, Ella," he hovered over me, nudging for Aaron to stand up and away from me.

Don, who was standing at the entryway, peered into the hall and motioned for them to go. They looked questioningly at him, he was checking a small black cell phone. Kirk ordered Sam to stay in the room with me.

I was trying desperately to hear their whispers.

"A search party?" Kirk screeched in a hushed tone.

A search party. 

Someone was coming.

Sam immediately started exaggerating his coughing to which I shot him a dirty look. Kirk leaned in the doorway and muttered something in Sam's ear to which he nodded indiscreetly. Hans walked back into the room as Sam walked out. He had a large black bag in his hands.

I shook my head, "No. No."

He moved closer. 

"Get away from me," I breathed heavily. I felt my heart pounding in my throat. I tried scrambling off of my feet, but it was useless, my broken bones would hold me back from any attempt of escape. He grabbed me, shoving me against the wall as I screamed. 

This wasn't happening again, I told myself.

Oddly, the last move he made was reaching for both of my hands, unwinding the rope in his own. While he tied knots around my wrists, I thrashed and screamed and kicked with my good leg until it was hopeless-he jammed his elbow into my good kneecap with a grunt and I called out in pain.

Before I could fall to the ground, my legs were hoisted out from under me, a blindfold over my eyes.

A loud stretch of material sounded through the air and my mouth was covered.

Duct tape.

I whimpered and moaned as I was thrown into the nearest closet that I hadn't been aware of, he came in with me and shoved me onto the floor. 

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Evan Rachel Woodas Whitney Henderson
Sally Fieldas Mrs. Henderson
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