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The Ferris Wheel: Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction


Hello there everyone!

This is my first story published here on WattPad and what better way to start it off than uploading one of my Fanfictions?

This is about the very popular (and one of my all-time favorites) video game series, Kingdom Hearts. The pairing will be AkuRoku (AxelxRoxas) so if the idea of two boys being together in a romantic way doesn't really float your boat, I would advise you not to read this. Even though this story will only contain mostly fluff, I still don't want to make anyone uncomfortable. ^^;

Hope that you enjoy this story!


"Roxas, if you don't hurry up, there will be a line!"

The carnival was in town today and Axel was desperate to be the first in line for one of his favorite carnival rides: The Ferris wheel. Even if that meant dragging Roxas along on one of the rides that the blonde absolutely dreaded.

"Ouch Axel, stop pulling my arm!" Roxas yelled. "And I already told you: I don't want to go on the Ferris wheel."

"Aww come on Roxas," Axel whined. "It's just the Ferris wheel."

"But what if the wheel falls off?"


"And what if we fall out the Ferris wheel?"


"What if--?"

Axel stopped in his tracks and shook the golden blonde's shoulder. "Roxy!" When he finally shut up, he spoke again, "We're not going to die... I promise. And even if something does happen, I'll save your life, okay?"

Roxas looked up at Axel, noticing the genuine concern that was in his eyes. He let out a low sigh and shrugged. "Alright Axel, I'll go on the ride with you. But I'm only going on this Ferris wheel ONCE, you hear me?"

"Yes Roxas, I hear you." Grabbing his hand, Axel pulled him down the rest of the empty line to get up to the ticket booth. "Two, please," he told the girl behind the booth, reaching into his back pocket for his wallet.

"Thirty munny, please," the girl said as she rang up the transaction.

"Here you go," Axel said, handing her the munny.

The girl nodded and motioned towards the wheel, "Enjoy the ride."

Axel pulled Roxas off to the Ferris wheel car and soon they were both behind the bar, waiting for the rest of the cars to fill up so the ride can start.

"I'm scared," Roxas mumbled.

"We're not even off the ground yet Roxas."

The blonde sent him a cold stare. "Shut up Axel."

A few minutes later, the Ferris wheel creaked to life and it began to circle around. As the car lifted off the ground, Roxas let out a high squeak and squeezed his eyes shut. "God, God, God..." he muttered, starting to shake.

Axel laid a hand on his shoulder. "Roxas, Roxas, calm down!" As they continued to make their descent up into the air, he kept his hands on his shoulders, giving them a squeeze every now and then. Once their car reached the top of the Ferris wheel, it came to a stop so they could see all across Twilight Town and beyond.

It was amazing how beautiful the view was and the redhead found himself becoming mesmerized by it. Looking over at Roxas, who still had his eyes squeezed shut and his face buried into his hands, he gave him a little shake. "Roxas."


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