*3rd person P.O.V*

As Ariana walked into the school building with Rebecca, she could feel her neves kicking in again. Rebecca told Ariana everything will be okay.

Rebecca took Ariana to the from office and told them she was new and still doesn't know her schedule. The front office people gave her the schedule and off they went.

Rebecca looked at her Schedule. She squealed because her and Ariana have 3/6 classes together. They went off to English first since they had that class together.

Mrs.Morgan, the English teacher, was about to start to call roll when Rebecca and Ariana came through the doors. "Miss.Smith late again." Mrs.Morgan said.

Rebecca explained and the teacher introduced the class to Ariana. As Rebecca and took a seat, Ariana accidentally dropped her phone. She put her books down and went to pick it up but a boy already picked it up. He have it back to Ariana when he said " Hey I'm Logan." Ariana smiled and said " well thanks logan for picking up my phone."

They both sat down. Logan sat in front of her and Rebecca sat beside her. Rebecca passed Ariana a note when the teacher turned her back.

It read

To Ariana
From Rebecca

Omg girl!! Logan Henderson was totally hitting on you. Logan is on the basketball team. He's also the captain. I can't believe he talked to you. He's the hottest 11th grader in school.

Ariana just smiled and looked up at Rebecca. When she turned her head back down to reply back she found another note, but from Logan instead. She opened it up and read it.

To:Arianna( I think I misspelled your name)

Hey! I was wondering if you could save me a seat at lunch. I want to get to know you. If that's alright?

From: Ariana

You did misspelled my name it only has one 'n'. Yes I will save you a seat at lunch. I can't wait. (:

Ariana waited to get the note back when the teacher turned her back. When she finally did she threw it over Logan's shoulder. Then, she replied to Rebecca's note. When she handed it back to Rebecca, she let out a small squeal that only Ariana could hear. Logan turned around and smiled at Ariana showing off his dimples on both sides of his face. Ariana smiled back.


Lunchtime came and Ariana was getting her food with Rebecca and sat down in an empty table. Ariana out her tray down and waited for Logan to show up. 5 minutes later someone taps on her shoulder and she looks up to see that its Logan.

She smiles and let Logan sit down. Then later, the entire basketball team came to sit down along with some basketball cheerleaders. Rebecca talked to the people around her, while Ariana and Logan spent the entire lunch time talking to each other.

"What's your next class?", Logan asked in the hallway.

"Umm.... Art. What about you?", Ariana replied.

"Same. Can I sit next to you?", Logan asked nervously.

"Yes of course since I won't have anyone to talk to since Rebecca isn't in that class.", Ariana said.

"Great. Come on i'll show you were its at.", Logan smiled.

During art class, there would be times where Logan's and Ariana's hand would touch. They looked up at each other and smiled.