True Jewels (Islamic Poem)

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To all you beautiful respectable wome...

This is a short poem that corresponds with my story, Diamonds & Pearls. I hope even if you don't care much for the story, that you'll read this. Oh and note that in no way am I good at writing Poetry, so bear with me on this one lol. Hope you enjoy it.

 Diamonds & Pearls - Poem 1

They say a girl  should be like a diamond or a pearl.

Her beauty not made for just any common eye to see.

And she definitely shouldn't give her goods out to anyone, just  to please

Covered in silk and  cotton, her body is well preserved for her blessed partner indeed.

Men can't oogle and oggle her, as she passes by on the street

Instead they feel obligated to open a door for her and ask her what she needs.

'I think she's prettiest this way. Covered and not giving a crap what anyone says.'

'Look at the height of her self esteem, the way she walks with grace."

'When she speaks I really listen and hear the words she says,

I try not to stare but I can't help but see the glow coming from her face."

'Surely a woman like that is respectable in many, many ways.'

'The most atrractive thing about her, is her earnesty,

And determination in following the laws god has placed.'


Please, all of you girls and women out there. Remember that the way you carry yourself reflects the way people see you. You're all beautiful and amazing. A true jewel is determined by how you carry yourself. This anology of a girl being like a valuable jewel may be used a lot but I think it's super accurate. Don't you? Girl power! Vote & comment :)

~Girl, respect yo' self :P


Written By: PurityInMyHeart

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