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Grimm (Previously known as WWHWM, ON HOLD)


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Damon P.O.V

"I'm sorry..." I whispered.

She continued to gaze at me, her brown eyes, didn't show any emotion.

That's it. I'd done it, she truly hates me.

I felt my chest tight, almost painfully. I wanted to lunge at her, to encase her in my arms, protect her from all the pain.

But I was the cause of that pain. Me. Her mate.

I wanted to fall at her feet and beg, grovel, plead for forgiveness. I wanted to be punished, tortured even, for what I did...was inexcusable. But my pride, my damn Alpha pride wouldn't let me.

I was angry at her for....kissing Adam, I didn't want to forgive her, I was so hurt and full of rage that I foolishly thought that fates might have given me the wrong mate.

Stupid! So stupid.

I scolded myself after thinking that. How could they have not given me such a perfect mate?

She's beautiful, sensitive, gentle, kind hearted and more.

The way I acted towards her...I regret every minute of it, the way she looked when I said those horrible things, how her eyes looked pained and full of sorrow. Or worse when I just sat there and let Carolina throw her lunch on her, the way her eyes looked at me, expecting me to come to her rescue.

But I didn't.

I looked away, believe me I wanted to. I wanted to help her, to run to her, to shield her away from every one. But my wolf was in control, he wanted her to suffer, he wanted to see her in pain so she could feel an ounce of what we were feeling.

But she didn't know..

She didn't know that we were mates for Christ sakes!

She didn't know anything about us and yet I still felt the need to punish her.

What a doofus! I cursed myself.

I looked down at her leg that was bandaged up in a cast, I winced.

"Who..." I looked into her eyes, "did that Rose?"

She quickly rearranged her features, an impenetrable mask going over her face. "I don't know," she whispered.

I exhaled through my nose, I was prepared for this, I knew she was going to lie. I just didn't know how much it's going to hurt.

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Chapter 13

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