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Camping with the Badboy


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"Finally! We’re here!" I holler out as we reached the dirty parking lot of the camp my parents are making me go to. Apparently they said that it will be good for me. Yeah, right, what's good about camping? Nothing. 

Oh, my bad, but I forgot to mention to you all that my name is Nyra Payne. I have red hair with some streaks in it and I’m about 5'4. Ya, I’m pretty short. I have brown eyes and I love anything pretty. Oh, and I’m totally random, trust me on this.

I got out of the backseat from my parents car and pace myself over to the back of the car, waiting for my dad to open the trunk. While I was waiting, I looked around the camp. There was a small office-looking cabin in the middle and there were trees everywhere. I could see a lake in the distance from where I was and people lying on the beach. There were cabins on both side of the office and signs that said ‘boy’s cabin’ with an arrow pointing to the left and another one with 'girl’s cabin' with an arrow pointing to the right. 

My dad finally managed to open the trunk and I picked my suitcase and sleeping bag out of the trunk. I set them next to the car and turned to say 'goodbye' to my parents. My mom rushed at me and pulled me into an embrace.

"I'll miss you sweetie." She said while crying. Jeez, could this be more embarrassing? I pulled out of the hug and my dad wrapped his arms around me.

"Remember honey, if a boy tries anything, just call me and I’ll be here to kick his ass." He said. I laughed at how over-protective and weird my dad could sometimes be and walked over to my stuff. I started to strolled over to the office and right when I was about to take another away, my mom cried out one last goodbye.

"Have fun sweetie! Don’t forget to wear protection if you meet any boys! I love you!" She yelled.

I felt my face heat up and I quickly shut the door to save myself further embarrassment. I walked over to a counselor and told her my name.

"Ah, Nyra Payne. Your cabin name is 4b and here is the schedule for the next three months. There will be a campfire tonight to explain all the rules in this camp and - Oh Casey!" The counselor called out, making me flinch. A girl with brown hair and glasses came over. She smiled at me and whispered out a quiet 'hello.' I smiled back.

"Casey, this is Nyra Payne, she will be your cabin roommate. Will you please show her around and answer any questions she may have?" The counselor, which I found out that her name was 'Grey', said. She didn’t even wait for an answer but walked away, leaving me and Casey alone.

"Hey, I’m Nyra, duh." I said, extending my hand. She took it and smiled.

"Hey. It's nice to meet you. You need some help with your stuff?" She asked, motioning to my suitcase and sleeping bag.

"Yeah, that would be nice." I answered. I grabbed my suitcase and pillow while she took the sleeping bag. We walked out the office and hauled ourselves over to our cabin, which, mind I say was freaking far away! Okay, not that far but hey, I’m a lazy person! 

We finally made it over to the cabin and I had already put my stuff away and set my sleeping bag and pillow on the bed that was the only one left. 

"Hey, Nyra, this is Rayne, our other cabin mate." Casey said. That’s when I saw another girl there. She had brown hair and looked really nice. I walked over to her end stretched out my hand.

"Hey." I said as she grabbed my hand and shook it shyly. Wow, are all people here shy? Let’s hope not, because I want to part-aa-yy! I walked back over to my suitcase and pulled out my ‘I love boobies’ bracelet. My aunt has breast cancer and I wear this to support her.

“Hey, the lunch room is handing out snacks. You guys want to go get some?” Rayne asked, standing up and walking over to the door. I nodded my head and all three of us walked to the lunch room.

It wasn't a long walk as I thought it would have been, but still, it was pretty long for me! In the lunch room there were about 10 round, wooden tables with wooden chairs around them. There were a few people in the lunchroom and I found myself following Casey and Rayne over to a table with a cute looking boy on it. We introduced ourselves and sat around the table, talking about things that we wanted to do over the summer. The cute boys name was Luke and he was also Casey’s boyfriend.

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