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100 Funniest Things To Do


1) Point at someone and shout "Your one of them!" Run and pretend to trip. Crawl away slowly.

2) Run up to someone random on the street and slap them with a loaf of bread.

3) Go to McDonalds and ask for a happy meal with extra happy.

4) Look at see through glass and when someone is on the other side shout "OH MY GOD, I'M HIDEOUS!"

5) Walk up to a small child that resembles you, and tell them that you are them from the future.

6) Blow up a balloon, then ask someone to pop it, when they do, start screaming.

7) Bring a desk on an elevator. When people try to get on ask if they have an appointment.

8) Come late to school and when the teacher asks why say your pet rock had a seizure.

9) Fill your mouth with whipped cream, then run down the street screaming "I HAVE RABIES".

10) Go to a Chinese restaurant and ask for Mexican food.

11) Go up to a random lady with a daughter and say her son is adorable.

12) Go to a library and ask for a book on how to read.

13) Put a Dora doll in the middle of Walmart.When someone tries to pick it up yell "SWIPER NO SWIPING".

14) Shout "For Narnia!" and charge into a store, knocking over everything in your way.

15) Sit on a curb with a stuffed animal and scream at it about how it ruined your life.

16) Throw a small plastic ball at some body and then yell "get in your ball you stupid pokemon.

17) Spit at a llama...How does it feel NOW you Darn LLAMA!

18) Run through a police station and yell " I finally escaped from prison!" .

19) Go to petsmart and buy bird seed. Then ask the clerk how long it will take the birds to grow.

20) Go jump on a random guys back and yell (THE SKY IS FALLING RUN MAN RUN) and see what happens.

21) Invite all your neighbours round for a barbecue. Feed them salad.

22) Go to walmart, find a random old guy and yell, "GRANDPA! YOUR STILL ALIVE! ITS A MIRACLE".

23) If skinny people skinny dip what do fat people do? Chunky Dunk?

24) Go to a cloths store, walk into the dressing room. Walk out and ask where the toilet paper is!

25) Make "No Dumping - Violators Will Be Prosecuted" signs and put them in public bathroom stalls.

26) Put a Walkie-Talkie in a gnome and shout at people when they walk by!

27) Buy an ice cream cone, stick it on top of someone's head and yell "Why did you steal my ice cream?"

28) Go to to a fast food restraunt and ask for a krabby patty, i they say no throw a fit.

29) Dress up as a superhero pretending to stop bank robbers.

30) Go to a pet shop, buy birdseed, and ask how long it will take to grow.

31) Go up to a really buff man and hug him yelling GRANDMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

32) Find a midget on a street ask him to go up to people and say can I have $20 I'm a bit short.

33) Go to weigth wachers with a bag of cookies.

34) Go in an elevator and then make peek-a-boo sounds when the doors open and close.

35) Go to Wal-Mart, buy a cucumber and some KY jelly. Notice the look on the cashier's face.

36) Go to your neighbor's house then ask to use there toilet, then wait 5 seconds and say never mind.

37) Tie hotwheels cars to the bottom of your cat/dog's feet.

38) Call someone to tell them you can't talk right now.

39) Ring a random doorbell and when they answer just stare at them.

40) Knock on someones door. Tell them a corny joke, laugh, and stand there until they close the door.

41) Hug a tree and when people walk by you say "we're having a moment".

42) Sing to public plants if anyone asks what you're doing scream and run.

43) Walk around the mall five times talking to a carrot and see how many people look at you funny.

44) Sit in a cardboard box and yell at people who walk by that they're trespassing!

45) Go to a clothing store, hide in a rack, and when people are browsing through, yell, "PICK ME!!!

46) Go to kfc and ask the way to mcdonalds.

47) Go to McDonald's and ask them which fast food restaurant they would recommend.

48) Put a picture of your dog or cat up on a dating site.

49) Go to your teacher and say I know what you did last night.

50) Glue yourself to the ceiling and when someone walks by spit on them.

51) Call a chicken place and ask how big their breast are.

52) Go to mcdonalds and ask for fries without the potatoes.

53) Create an account on a dating site and say you are not looking for a relationship.

54) Go around asking people if they can help you find the armadillo that stole your cheese.

55) Attack you neighbors with an army of garden gnomes!

56) Go to the store. Start Rolling around on the floor. Scream "Clean up on Aisle 3!"

57) Run up to someone in Walmart and say U AINT GOT NO PANCAKE MIX!

58) Learn Japanese, then talk to a Chinese person.

59) Go to an atm machine and when the money comes out scream I win I win.

60) Stand on the side of the road with a hair dryer and point it at cars.

61) Run up on a down escalator shouting " How are you people walking so fast".

62) Go to Japan and start speaking spanish!

63) Sit in your parked car with shades on and point a hair dryer at passing cars.

64) Throw a pokemon ball at your teachers head and scream "gotta catch em all".

65) Put a computer mouse in a mouse trap.

66) Find a random person on a bench, sit on their lap and say, "My mommy says I'm special."

67) In a public place, hold up a box of cheerios and yell "FREE DONUT SEEDS!".

68) Name your hair George, then go to the salon and be upset that they killed him.

69) Go to staples and shout "WOW! that's a low price!!!" at every price you see.

70) Walk into an elevator. when someone gets on, make a face and scream "Your one of THEM!"

71) Ask pizza hut to deliver water.

72) Hire a taxi. When the man asks you where you want to go, say "To infinity, and beyond".

73) Go onto a golf course with an airhorn and blow it everytime someones about to hit the ball.

74) Draw on your neighbors bald spot with a crayon!

75) When someone says "Have a nice day!" tell them you have other plans.

76) Go in the street and jump on a random guys back and yell THE SKY IS FALLING RUN MAN RUN!!!!! :3.

77) Follow strangers around a store and spray everything they touch with disinfectant.

78) Throw pancakes at random people waling down the street!!!

79) Dress up as Santa Claus and tell the kids that Christmas is cancelled.

80) Walk up to somebody and say "I'm not wearing any pants" People will look down 99% of the time.

81) Call a random phone number and yell, "Where is my fried chicken dude?!"

82) Tell your dad in a public place- "Look, old man, I don't want your candy!"

83) Go up to random people at the mall, show them your ID, and say, "HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN?!"

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