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Twice Taken

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           From Chapter 34:

 Kara looked beautiful and peaceful curled between her mates, and he tamped down the loneliness that invaded his heart when he thought about his beautiful wife dying. Richard wished that he’d forced her to take the bite the day that he’d brought her back from running away, but he’d wanted to make sure she knew he loved her first. He would lose her now, and there was nothing he could do to change that.

            He settled back into his seat and his men relaxed. There were nearly ten of them surrounding him and his daughter, and he was welcomed the sleep that overcame him.


Chapter 35

            The plane touched down on the mineral island and Peter knocked on the door to the bedroom. His voice was kind but loud as he called, “Miss Shelly? Martin, James! It’s time to wake up! We’ve landed!”

            Shelly tried to turn over, but two pairs of strong arms held her immobile. She groaned and Martin’s arms closed over her even more tightly and she gasped, “Can’t breathe…”

            Peter threw open the door and jerked Martin away from Shelly. He didn’t throw the human, because it would hurt him, but he did shake the man to ensure that he was awake. Martin glared, but Peter beat him to the punch by yelling, “She couldn’t breathe, you moron! You can’t hold a female so tightly! What’s wrong with you? She said that she couldn’t breathe!”

            Martin had the grace to look embarrassed as Shelly restored oxygen to her lungs. James stroked her hair gently and pulled it back from her face. He asked, “Are you okay Shell-belle? I know he didn’t mean to, but I’m sure that it didn’t feel too good on those injuries.”

            “I’ll be fine. Can we just get off the plane and to Kara, please? I miss my girl, and I desperately need a Kara hug after these last few days.”

            Peter carefully sat Martin down and helped Shelly from the bed. He knew, after hearing Kara the night before, and from the way they spoke of her, that Shelly was a highly important part of Kara’s life, and he didn’t want her hurting more.

Shelly tensed, but Peter quieted her fears by telling her, “I will carry you until you are in arm’s reach of your friend. I am not willing to take any chances of your getting hurt. Martin and James will be one step behind us, I’m sure.”

Martin reached for Shelly’s hand, “We’re right here, Shelly. Don’t worry. I don’t think he wants to face Kara’s wrath if you get hurt. Peter, do we need to grab the bags now, or will they be brought later?”

            “We’re travelling by helicopter to the main island. The bags are going by boat. The chopper’s faster and I thought that you’d like to see the Princess as soon as possible.”

            Peter moved quickly and carefully through the plane and down the steps. He called out to his Alpha that they were on their way to the main island, and Richard moved to rouse his daughter. He only made it to within four feet of the lounger before Sebastian was on top of him.

            Richard swallowed and stayed deathly still beneath Sebastian’s hands, waiting for the younger man to realize who he’d pinned. After a second, Sebastian shook his head, “Richard? What happened?”

            “You were asleep and I tried to wake your mate instead of you. I’m alright, if you’d just let me up?”

            Nikolai moved off of Kara as Sebastian let her father go, and the three of them checked on her. Nikolai kicked it off, “Bore da, Cariad. How are you this morning? Do you need help getting to the bathroom today?”

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