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She's A Monster In Red Stilettos


"NO FREAKING WAY!!" Justin practically yelled in my ear. I rolled my eyes at my bestfriend as I countinued to add on my mascara, eyeliner, foundation ect... After I had finished putting on my make up, I pulled my straighteners from my over night bag and started straightening my hair.

"So what's your guys name" Justin asked flicking through his very full double wardrobe.

"I dunno" Justin turned to me, annoyed and shocked I ignored him and kept on doing my hair. He kept on staring at me until I sighed and answered.

"Look it's not as if I'm gonna see my hot stranger again, so it doesn't matter"

Justin's stubbly jaw hit the floor "Sweetheart if anyone thought that way, no one would ever, ever get laid" Justin flopped down beside me in just his boxers. He took my hand in his "Look here, you know I only want the best for you and really the guy sounded like the best thing that has ever happened to you. Sometimes you need to grab things with two hands and fight to let it go" he said flicking his hair from his face. I rolled my eyes at him, then took my hand away from his and carried on straightening my hair.

"Look you are a beautiful hot chocolate and I only want the best for you" Justin kissed my head as I started to get dressed. I put on a white tank top, high waisted jeans, furry ankle heels and a royal blue cardigan.

"Wow look at you!" Justina said flopping on her brothers bed, her long blonde hair floating all around her head. "The outfit goes perfect with you brown skin and really brings out your green eyes. And you got nice long hair for a black girl too" we both turned round to face Justina who looked ashamed and embarrased. "Please don't hurt me" she squealed covering her face with her hands.

I just shook my head at her and then grabbed my bag from Justin's wardrobe and headed downstairs to the living room to wait for Justin.


"Justin you know I didn't mean the way it came out" Justina tried to defend herself but her voice shook slightly I knew she was on the verge of tears.

"Oh Justina don't give me those shit tears you give your twat of a boyfriend" Justin growled at his sister.

"DON'T BRING PAUL INTO THIS HE HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG TO YOU!!" Jusrina screamed at her brother.

"Oh please Justina I don't want to have this same stupid coversation all over again" I got up off the sofa as I heard Juatin come bounding down the stairs, his sister in a flood of tears behind him.

"Justin look I'm sorry" Justina cried coming to stand beside me for comfort,but remembered what she said not too long ago.

"Go shove your sorry up your arse" Justin said storming out of the house. Justina fell to the floor in a flood of tears, her body shook and she gasped softly for breath. I bent down beside her and craddled her soft shaking body in my arms.

"Harley please you have to know that I'm sorry and I didn't mean anuthing of what I said. You that I sometimes say things without thinking about it"

I kissed the top of her forehead and softly rubbed her shoulders "I understand but please just be carefull of how you say things or who you say those things to" I pulled her to her feet as I got ip from the floor. Justina looked at me a little worried, I patted her shoulder softly "Don't worry your pretty head, I will talk to your brother" just as I said that Justin's car horn blarred.

"Thank you" Justina called out to me as I bounded down the stairs towards the car and then I slid carefully into the car.

"It's about time" Justin said reversing fast down the drive, out of the all white colvisack and knto the main road, to the chinese resturant.

"Oi you don't get all snappy at me, I aint done shit" I said staring out of the window inside of at him. He took a deep breath in and then let it out slowly.

"Sorry... It's just the Justina she gets me so annoyed sometime. I love my twin nuff don't get me wrong but when she acts like Hannah, all stupid and doesn't think before she says stuff, it just bugs me is all. She is so smart and beautiful but she to copy Hannah and be a total air head."

"I understand what you mean, it bugs me too. But lashing out at her for every little thing won't help things between you two either. Try taking a calmer, err... a more stuttle gentle approach with your sister " Justin was about to argue but I placed my hand on his thigh and gave it a little squeeze. "Just try it out first Justin then if it doesn't work then you can complain that it didn't work." He looked at me quickly a small smile spreading across his face, I smiled back atbhim, obviously his bad mood had disappered.

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