Alone on my Bench


Its a kinda of rythmic short story, hope you like it !

Title : [Alone on my Bench]

I can hear the bell ringing

That means I must be going

I garbbed my blue and black notebooks

Walking my legs, trying to avoid these looks

And finally I went away

Searching for a place to rest my legs and stay

To continue on my way

I scanned the whole place with my pale blue eyes

‘Perfect’ I said when I saw where my bench lies.

I sat down and rested my bones.

When I caught a beautiful scene

I saw a pretty young lady with the sweetest smile

Standing next to that handsome guy

I can see she is feeling cold

I can see that when he took her hands to hold

‘Lovely’ I sighed

Trying my tears to hide

I reached for my dark brown hair and said

‘Will I ever be loved ?’

A tear just ran away

That I couldn’t fight

I guess it just found its way

I put my mobile in an online mode

I wore my jacket, Gosh I feel so cold !

I looked at the fading blue sky

and said ' maybe one day someone will take me high'

'Will wipe my misery eyes'

'Will look at me and only me shall see'

'Will care for me, for i gave him my life key!'

'Will just stare at me and simply say ' i love you!!' '

My tears ran down my face,

for these dreams i know they are fake

I shall live alone the rest of my years

With none to unhide my tears

Noone to draw my happy lines

I left my bench and walked away

With nothing but agony all my way


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Alone on my Bench

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