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I'm Not Your Average Teenager


Athena's POV

I quickly brushed my horse, War Admiral. He was a handsome, sleek, thoroughbred stallion. I walked towards my tack shed and put away my brushes, and got out a standard saddle; I also had a racing saddle, a handmade jumping saddle, and a dressage saddle. Yeah, I like riding. I also took his bridle saddle pads. I walked quickly back to Admiral, and quickly and expertly put his saddle and bridle on him, remembering to check the girth. I led him out of his stall, and nodded a greeting to others getting their horses ready. I led him to the mounting block; he was 17 hands high, and impossible to get on without a mounting block.

I trotted him to the main arena, where Anna, the barn's owner was giving a lesson to a few 10 year old. Her eyes lit up as she saw me enter the arena. "Athena?" she called. "Yeah?" I said. "Can you show these kids what they might do if they ever get to you level?" I nodded and looked around for a hard jump. I saw a stone wall, that was pretty high, it looked about 4'5. "Just let me trot and canter around first!" I said. I trotted around the arena first, and then canter, and then went over a small vertical. I heard Anna say to the kids, "Athena is one of the best riders here, and she jumps up to 5'0." The kids gasped in response. "Ready!" I said. She nodded, and told the kids to watch me. I cantered towards the wall and went into the perfect jumper's crouch just before we jumped perfectly over the wall. "Thanks!" Anna said.

I merely nodded in response. We cantered a few times around the arena and went over a high bounce a few times. I then walked out of the arena and untacked him, but kept the bridle on. Admiral had a back that wasn't bony, unlike some other horse's backs. He was perfect for riding bare back. I walked him to the mounting block and headed out to the trails. I saw a long stretch coming ahead and nudged him into a gallop. I laughed out loud, from pure joy. I slowed him down to a slow canter and leaned onto his neck, still maintaining my grip. I eventually slowed him down to a walk and turned around, but Admiral wanted to go fast. So, being me, I let him. I let him go as fast as he wanted, which was almost to full speed. At the end of the stretch, I slowed him down and leaned onto his neck, letting him navigate the rest of the way home. I completely trusted him, and soon enough, we were walking into his stall. I took off his bridle and brushed him, and making him look like we hadn't galloped for about a half a mile. I fed him, and gave him a hug. I then walked over to my beat up truck and drove it home.

I quickly showered and finished all my homework before dinner came around. I yawned and walked downstairs. "Hi Mom! Hi Dad! Hi Liam!" I said. "Hi Athena," said my family in unison. I grinned as we sat down and ate dinner, and talked. Soon, we cleaned up and we went to bed. 

I yawned and hit the alarm clock. It was 6:00 am, and my first day of high school as a junior.  I groaned and slowly got up. I immediately put on a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt. I grabbed some cereal and quickly ate it. It was 7:45 by the time I was ready for school. I drove to school and asked for my schedule at the office. 

1: Math

2: English

3: Break

4: Biology

5: French

6: P.E

7: Art

I had locker number 206. I walked quickly to my locker, putting away all my books except my Math books. Math passed quickly, and so did the other classes. Finally, it was art, one of my favorite subjects. I took out the necessary objects, and book and ran to art. 

I sat into a seat at the back, and started to read my book until the bell rang. The teacher, who I learned was named Mrs. Rivera, beamed at us. "Let's do introductions!", she said in a overly cheerful tones. The first student stood up. "I'm Travis, and I like to draw people fighting." "Any questions for Travis?" asked Mrs. Rivera. The next student stood up. He was kind of cute, I guess. The girls in the class were drooling. "I'm Adrian, and you don't need to know anything about me," he said in a deep masculine voice. It went like this until it was my turn. I stood up and said, "I'm Athena and I'm one of the best riders, in jumping, racing, and even dressage at my barn." Adrian raised his hand. I nodded at him. "What's the name of your stables, and what level do you jump at?" he asked. "Pinewood River Stables and level 9," I said. He nodded, clearly impressed. We were allowed to draw whatever we wanted to. I drew a picture of Admiral galloping. 

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