The girl with no hope

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Today was my birthday. But before that, all of this happened.

I woke up in Mike's bed. "Uh..." I said. "Mike?" I said, but he didn't respond. "Mike?!" I looked around to see if Mike was home. I couldn't find him and I started to cry. I called him but he didn't answer. "Ugh, voicemail!" I yelled angrily. "Hey, Mike. It's your girl. Where are you? Call me back." I said for the message. Then I got a text.

"Happy birthday." Justine texted.

"I didn't know that you remembered." I texted back.

"I'm sorry that I bullied you. I realized it's no fun either. It's just that.. I was jealous of you in 9th grade because you were voted prettiest girl.." She texted.

I gasped. "For real?" I texted back to her.

"Yeah." The text quoted.

"I'm sorry for calling you names and stuff." I apoligized.

"Great! So you wanna be friends like we used to be?" She texted.

"Yeah, ok :)" I texted back. And that was the last of our conversation.

And now, I really wanted to go to school. So I took off my pj's, put on jeans and a top hat domo shirt on. "Ok, gotta go..." I mumbled to myself.

I realized... I had to drive the SUV.But I'm only 15! I can't drive. I had to try. "I know how to drive a go kart, so I'll know how to drive a car... Sort of." I said to myself.

I started the car, backed it up, and drove. I'm 15 and driving a car. Not ok... I arrived at school and got out of the car. I put my backpack on and walked to class. It's only 9:37, so I'm just in time for chemistry. I sighed and put my backpack under my desk. I saw Justine.

"Hey Justine." I said. "Hey, Hannah!" She said as she hugged me. "I'm glad that we're friends again." She said excitedly. "Me too," I said as I smiled.

Quickly, rumors were spreading all over the school. "Oh my fucking god! Are Hannah and Justine friends again? I thought they were enemies! Haha!" A girl said. "Yes, we are a happy friend couple now." I said in her face.

Later on, she was running and squealing to me in the hallway. "Hannah, guess what? Alex Piamoru asked me out, and I said yes!" Justine kept squealing and jumping up and down. "Oh my god, that's so nice!" I said to her. And then I started squealing for no odd reason.

I feel happy again. I'm a fulfilled happy emo, just like I was in 9th grade.

Class was ending and I said bye to Justine. I walked outside the doors and got into Mike's SUV and put the keys in. I drove straight and turned. "Oh crap, I don't know where I go back.." I said scaredly.

Luckily, on my iPhone, I have a GPS app. I typed in Mike's adress; 138 West Court street. It showed Mike's house.

I drove and followed the directions to his house. I kept turning really hard. "Focus on the road, Hannah, focus on the road..." I said to myself. I finally should up to Mike's house and I saw him running out of the door, coming toward me.

I got out of the car and he hugged me ever so tightly. "Don't leave me... Ever again..." He said while hugging me and caressing my hair. "I won't, but.." I said as I forgot about it. "Where were you, anyway?" I asked him. "Party City.". He replied.

Party City.

It was my birthday today... April 13.

How the hell could I not remember my own birthday?

Thoughts about my mom, Justine, and Mike?

"What for?" I asked lyingly, now that I remembered. "You'll see." He said as he was leaning toward me for a kiss. So he covered my eyes, held my hand, and everyone, even Justine on speaker, yelled...

"Surprise!" I jumped onto Mike and hugged him. "Thank you so much!" I said as I screamed into his ear.

There were some presents for me. My first present was mailed by Justine. I opened it and saw 3 sequin iPhone covers. I chose the skull cover, and put my black and white cover in my purse.

My second one was a painting from an artist named Iranio Frattisiona. It was Italy, and the painting looked so live, vivid, colorful, and real. "Wow, that is so awesome!" I said.

My third present was from Alex, Justine's boyfriend. The present was a movie called "Fast Five." I've seen it on commercials, and I've been dying to watch it. "Thanks, Alex, I really wanted to see this movie!" I put the movie where the TV was and got to my final present.

It was from Mike. I opened it up and it was a blue diamond ring. I gasped. "Oh, it's so beautiful, and it fits!" I said. "Thank you so much." I said into his shirt while hugging him.

It was cake time.

"That is a big cake." I said.

So everyone sang the birthday song.

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. 

Happy birthday dear, Hannah," and Mike kissed me at that part.

Happy birthday to you!" Everyone stopped singing and clapped. Mike's mom cut the cake and gave Mike and I a piece of cake.

I put some frosting on his cheek. He laughed and threw some cake on my face. I blew a raspberry and him and he kissed me, again. And there was way more frosting on his face.

"Haha, look at your face!" I laughed. "Look at yours!" He said back to me, laughing.

This was the greatest day ever of my entire life.

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