Naz DayDream

Dedicated to

I'm sitting in bed,

Thinking about life

Going around

All my trouble and Strife

But mostly about one thing

What if....

I ended up in care?

While I be wanted


I'm arrogant and a liar

And I hate myself too

No one will put up with me

So what will I do?

I'll stay in my room

And be really... Hush

I will sleep and read

And I wouldn't eat much

I'll bunk off school

Cuz there's nothin they can do

And my friends will treat me...


For I went through

But nothing will have changed

Its really who I am

Being quiet and...


But my parents...

My parents,

would be gone

They wouldn't bother me anymore

Now the poem is done

But my life is the same as before

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