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Love Is All You Need?

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Chapter Two


An hour after we started watching TV the front door opened, followed by the voices of Austin and Ella arguing. “Aiden? Bailey?” his dad, Nate shouted.

“We’re in my room, dad.”

“Make sure you wrap up, I don’t want any grandkids yet.” I rolled my eyes. That was a typical Nate thing to say.

“The way we’re doing it I can’t get her pregnant,” Aiden shouted back.

I gasped, sitting up so quick that all the blood rushed from my head, “Oh my god! What the hell is wrong with you!” Slapping Aiden’s chest, I shook my head. Who says that to their dad?

Pretty quickly Nate appeared in the room, knowing that we weren’t really doing anything. “Gotta pat you on the back for that one,” he told his son, laughing his ass off. It was hard to believe that Nate was an adult.

“You’re both disgusting.” Nate took a seat on the blankets, grinning proudly at his son. “You shouldn’t be encouraging him,” I said, shaking my head. It was pretty useless though, they were too similar. Aiden really didn’t stand a chance.

“So what have you guys been up to then?” Nate asked, looking at me, smirking and cocking his head to the side. My eyes widened slightly and I prayed that the ground would swallow me up. He tapped his finger on his chin, “Actually let me guess…”

“No! Can we change the subject please?” I whined, pressing my face into Aiden’s shoulder while they both laughed at me. How could Aiden not be uncomfortable talking about that stuff with his dad?

“Change the subject from what, Bailey?” Nate’s grin grew wider, clearly enjoying watching me squirm.

Talking about sex stuff with my boyfriend’s dad was the most embarrassing thing in the world. Actually it was the second most embarrassing thing in the world, the first being my dad trying to give me the talk. I shuddered at the memory. Thankfully, after I freaked out and screamed at him he took the hint and let mom take over. Apparently he was just being a responsible dad. The one tiny thing that made it even slightly bearable was that he looked as uncomfortable as I was.

Aiden’s arm snaked around my waist, “Stop teasing her or I’m gonna get it.”

Nate shook his head in disappointment and pointed at Aiden, “Whipped.”

“Nate, hurry up, I need your help,” Rosie shouted.

At the sound of her voice, Nate jumped up. “Coming, stripes.” Me and Aiden burst out laughing. “I am not whipped. I choose to go help your mom,” he stated.

Aiden nodded, smiling sarcastically, “You better choose to help her soon then, before you get in trouble.”

“I can still ground you, buddy,” Nate called over his shoulder as he practically ran to help his wife.

“Night,” Aiden’s little sister, Ella mumbled as she walked past the door. She was fourteen now and trying to find who she was. At the minute she was a stroppy teen that ‘no one understood or even cared about.’ I loved her like crazy though, just like the rest of his family. We didn’t see the youngest of Peters, Austin; his bedroom was before Aiden’s so he was probably in his room already.

“Wanna play on the Wii before your mom picks you up?” Aiden murmured against the side of my head as he kissed my temple.

Sighing happily, I nodded my head, “Sure, but I’m picking the game.”

We played lazy bowling; neither of us moved we just flicked our wrists to bowl the ball rather than doing the proper actions. Of course Aiden won, if he wasn’t at school or on the basketball court he was playing some game. I thought he would grow out of it as he got older but he just swapped Pokémon games for Call Of Duty!

Aiden raised his arms and grinned in celebration. “Well done,” I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes.

He pouted. “Don’t worry; I still love you, even though you suck at games.”

“How big of you.” Aiden chuckled and kissed my cheek. “Anyway I let you win.”

His face fell, “No you didn’t.”

I shrugged innocently. “Okay then.”

“Damn it, Bailey, rematch!”

Stretching my arms, I pretended to yawn, “Sorry I’m too tired, and my mom will be here soon.”

“No. Friggin’. Way! Rematch,” he demanded, setting the game up again. I bit my lip to stop myself laughing. He was way too easy to tease. I knew he would do that; he hated losing, even though he actually didn’t.

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Alexandra Chandoas Bailey
Chace Crawfordas Aiden
Bella Thorneas Marsie
Hayden Christensenas Jackson
Xavier Samuelas Brody
Jensen Acklesas Ashton
Rachel Bilsonas Anna
Taylor Kinneyas Cameron
Chris Evansas Nate
Ashley Greeneas Rosie
Jason Behras DJ
Scarlett Johanssonas Eve
Ryan Newmanas Ella
Blake Woodruffas Austin
Scott Baileyas Jake

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