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I love a Vampire

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The prologue is a scene that kind of comes a little later ... Hope you enjoy :)

Also Picture of Elina on the side :)

 Chapter one


        I heard the song "If I die young" playing in the background. I suddenly realized I was awake but I felt like going to sleep. I slowly opened my eyes and found myself on the floor next to my bed in an awkward position. My legs were on the bed but my head was on the floor and my pink blanket was intertwined with my body. I tried getting up but my head started hurting and I felt nauseous. I quickly got up but this time I closed my eyes and luckily this time I didn't feel dizzy. I looked around for my phone and found it under my bed. It had 4 missed calls and 3 texts all from my best friend, Suzy.

I looked at the clock and saw it was 7 am. Ugh, I woke up late again and now I had to miss breakfast in order to get to school on time. I got up and went to the bathroom. I took a quick shower and put on dark blue denim jeans and a black top that had a rose on it. I wore flats since I couldn't find my boots and ran outside my room.

       My mom had left a note on the table saying she had to leave early for work and she left a bowl of cereal for me. I quickly ate the bowl of cereal, grabbed my bag and phone and ran out the door. What a nice way to start the day I thought. I go to Madison high school in Missouri. It is a very boring school from the outside but inside it’s a whole different story. I took the elevator to the 4th floor and went straight to my locker. I started to open my locker when Suzy jumped out of nowhere scaring me to death.

She did this a lot and her only excuse was that she liked my expression when I was scared. Suzy was as 5 feet 6, the same height as me, though she has dark red hair, grey-black eyes and when she smiled you could see her dimples. She was also very pale and I sometimes worried about that. I have blonde hair with blue eyes. She looked like a sun goddess. She was always very happy and had a positive aspect on life. If only that was me.

 ”Hi Suzy," I said with a fake smile. Though, it really didn't work when it came to Suzy. It was as if she could read my mind. "What wrong Elina, You look sad and lonely," she said. I knew she was worried about me but I couldn't tell her the reason because even I didn’t know why I was sad.

“It’s nothing Suzy. I'm just a little tired that’s it," and that I feel as if there was a hole in my heart. I almost said the last part out loud. I couldn't ever confess that deep down I was very lonely because that would ruin my reputation. I was the most popular girl in school. Since I was a little girl, everyone liked me and for some reason that made me sad because I knew they liked me for my looks and money.

“Are you sure? Elina you know you can tell me if something is bothering you. I'm here for you so tell me what’s wrong."

"Nothing Suzy. I'm fine. I am just tired and hungry because I only ate a bowl of cereal that too in a hurry." I saw she wasn't buying it so I tried to change the subject. 

“Well did your ex try to talk to you again today?" Suzy's past boyfriend thought everything was about him and wanted Suzy to spend every second of her life with him as if she didn't have a life. Suzy finally got tired of it and broke up with him though it didn't stop him from stalking her everywhere and trying to get her to like him again.

“Elina don't even go there. He has been stalking me for the past 2 days and I'm getting tired of it. But guess what?"

"What," I said relieved that she wasn't talking about me anymore.

“We have a new student today in school and he is very hot. Actually hot would be an understatement. From the minute he stepped in school, girls have been swarming him and he is totally oblivious to it." I could see she was very excited just by talking about him. She made me very curious. My mind kept telling me "Curiosity killed the cat" but I was ignoring it.

“Well by that description, you make me want to see---," I was cut off because Suzy wasn't even listening. I turned to look where Suzy was looking and I found myself suddenly frozen.

 Suzy's description was a big understatement. He was beyond hot and he reminded me of someone. He had black hair that looked really soft and I had a strong urge to run my hands through them. He also had light brown eyes and a devilish boyish smile. "See, I told you he was hot," she said without once looking at me. Her eyes were glued on him and thankfully her voice snapped me out of my partial paralysis because at that time the guy turned and looked at us.

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Chapter one


Carly Schroederas Elina
Emma Stoneas Suzy
Ariana Grande as Suzy
Brandon Routhas Eric

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