Fourth Riker Oneshot

#Imagine it's Friday afternoon. You're packing up your over night bag with a spare pair of clothes, your pillow, sleeping bag, air mattress, toiletries, and your favorite pair of pajamas. You packed it all and carried it to your moms car. You put it all in the back seat while your mom turns the car on. You slip into the passenger seat and put on your seatbelt before your mom pulls out of the driveway and starts heading towards your friend, Rydel's house. She is throwing a slumber party with you and 4 other girls, Jj, Patty, Ainsley, and Lizzy. You get there after a half hour drive and you grab all your stuff from the backseat. You walk up to the door and ding the doorbell while your mom yells out the window.

"Have fun sweetie! Call me when you wanna come home." And then she drove off. You turn around as the door opens and standing there is Rydel's older brother Riker. You've always kinda liked him, but ignored the feelings because Rydel was our best friend and you're not supposed to like your best friend's brother.

"Hey y/n." Riker says, leaning against the archway, checking you out discretely.

"Hey, is Rydel home yet?"

"Yah, she's upstairs with Patty and Jj. Come on in."

"Thanks." You walk in and head towards the stairs and go up to Rydel's room, unaware that Riker was checking out your ass as you walked away from him. You walk up the stair and walk to Rydel's room. You knock on the door and Jj opens it. You walk in and put you stuff done and are immediately attacked by Rydel with a huge hug. You nearly fall over, but hug her back after rebalancing yourself. You join into the card game they were playing on Rydel's bed while you all wait for Ainsley and Lizzy. Lizzy shows up 20 minutes after you and then Ainsley shows up 5 minutes after her. You all play the card game for an hour.

"I'm hungry!" Ainsley whines.

"Me too." You say.

"Okay, I'll go tell my mom to order the pizza now, what do everyone want?" You all say what kind you want and Rydel goes downstairs to tell her mom. You look over at the door when you see something moving. You see Riker walking past the door and he winks at you before he continues walking to his room. You blush lightly and go back to the game. Rydel comes back in and says the pizza will be there in 30 minutes. You all tell jokes and play multiple rounds of the card game before all you hear the door bell ring. You all run towards the stairs and practically attack the door as you fling it open. Rydel signs for the pizza while you carry them all to the kitchen. You all get whatever type you want before you all sit at the table. The seat next to you is empty until Riker comes downstairs and sits next to you. You start eating your pizza when Riker places his hand on your thigh. You start choking in you slice as his hand makes it's way towards your pussy. You finally stop choking and look at Riker like he's crazy. He's staring at you with fake concern, a tini smirk on his face.

"You okay y/n?" Rydel asks.

"Yah, fine." You reply.

"You sure?" Rydel asks, everyone now staring at you.

"Yeah. I'm okay, the pizza just went down funny."

"Okay." Everyone turns back to the story Rydel was telling while Rikers hand still remains on your thigh. You try to ignore it but it becomes really hard to once it reaches the crotch part of your pants. Your eyes go wide as Riker applies pressure to it and you shove pizza in your mouth to muffle a whimper. You turn to Riker and glare at him.

"Riker, what are you doing to y/n?" Rydel asked, staring at her brother, slightly annoyed.

"Nothing." Riker says, removing his hand to put his hands up in defense.