baby daddy Ichigo

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name: Ashley

nickname: Ash

race: human

personality:outgoing girl. She is very cheerful and always willing to help people she cares about. She's nice when you get to know her, but she also has a bad temper.

like: ice cream, strawberries, reading, music

dislike: stupid people, loud noises, perverts

friends: Ichigo, Tatsuki, Orihime, Rukia

enemie: Keigo(too wild with you)

family: mother, sister (deceased), father

other: Well, she really likes Ichigo. And she can sense some spirits

You:“Ichigo,I dont like swinning.I cant swim.I'm going to drown.” Ichigo:“No you aint.I got you.I'll teach you.It's not a problem.”You:“Really.Thanks Ichi.” You hug him and drag him to the beach cold water.Orihime splash you and Ichigo.Orihime:“Let's have some fun.It's summer.”Rangiku:“Yea Ichigo.Go somewhere and make out with your Ashely-chan.” Ichigo:“Shut up!I'm teaching my girl how to swim.If you dont mind, Rangiku.”Yachiru:“hehehe, Ichigo is teaching little miss a-cup how to swim.”You:“I'm not flat chested.”Ichigo:“Dont ignore them.They're arrogant.Come on.” He took both your hands and pull you gently as you paddle your feet up in the air and down in the water.You felt uncomfortable for a moment and then you felt comfortable.About 3 minutes, Ichigo let you go for a second.You paddle and then felt yourself drowning.Ichigo got you intime before you went down.You hug him tightly. You: “That was scary.I dont want to continue with this anymore.”Ichigo:“That's fine.Let's go back on shore.” You:“Okay.” Rukia:“Nice try, Ashely.Better luck next time.”Orihime:“Gome-sai, Ash-chan.I wish I could teach you.”You:“It's fine.”*Thinks:She better start praying,I'll kill her*Ichigo:“Hey Angel.Let's go in the Summer House to our rooms.”You:“Um..sure.” You was really confuse.'What did he want to do?'You thought.You and him made it to the Summer House and went into the room.Ichigo lock the door and close the curtains.Ichigo push you on the bed and climb ontop of you.He kiss you on your neck softly. You moan softly.He started to kiss your neck and down to your chest.He took your upper part bra off and threw it somewhere.You took his boxer off and threw it.Leaving to others things.

You,Rukia,Matsumoto,Yoriuchi and Orihime were in the living room.You told them that you was pregnant with Ichigo's baby."I remember when I told Ulquiorra that I was pregnant,he kinda freak the heck out." You sigh,"Really.I think he dont know about babies."She laughed,"Yeah."Matsumoto said,"Tell Ichigo.He wont care."Your eye twitch as a sweatdrop rolled down your face."I'll try to." "Well,when you do tell me,"Matsumoto said with the girls."Alright then,"You wave as you notice Ichigo coming home from work with his two older sisters, Yuzu and Karin."Hey what's up,ash."karin said." nothing much,"You joked.Yuzu hug you tight. "Hiya, ichi."You couldnt breathe,"Hiya to you too, Yuzu.Girls I have to speak with your brother for a minute,okay."Karin-"Whatever."Yuzu Alright,ash."You grabbed Ichigo's hand and locked the door.He look surprise at you."What the matter."You said proudly." I'm pregnant with yor child.Are you happy."His eyes were wide."I'm -glad,Angel. Ha,"Ichigo said hugging you."I'm going to be a father,but we'll getting marry before the baby comes."You wrapped your arms around his neck resting your head on his chest."I love you, Angel.""I love you too,Ichi."

You and Ichigo were back in the Kurosaki Clinic after you and the others went to the beach.You was huffing and puffing as you was in the bed holding Ichigo's hand tightly.karin and yuzu was fanning you. Rukia and matsumoto guard the front door where Chizuru, Keigo, Ikkaku, yumichika, Tatsuki were waiting to see if it's alright to come in.You push again and again.Ichigo wipe the swear off of your forehead.A cry was heard after hours and hours of pushing.A cry fill the room.After 4 hours of labor, you finally gave birth to a baby girl .Your eyes filled with tears as you look at your daughters.Everyone fill the room when they got the permission to come in.Ichigo:“I think Dananiro and Samika are good names.Dont you,Ash-chan.”You:“yeah.They are great names Ichigo.I'm lucky to be with you and the girls. Let's stay together and have another one.”Ichigo:“I can promise you that for sure my love.”