Cookie: *shakes booty* Thriller! Thriller night! ;P


"Do it."

       "I don't want to!"

       "Cal, come on, man up! Go and get her!"

       Callie moaned and shook her head furiously. "You go get her!"

       Chris glared at her. "I'm not her date remember? You are."

       Callie returned his glare. "Yeah, thanks to you!"

       Chris stared solemnly at her, blue eyes taking that disappointed puppy dog look. Callie crossed her arms and shook her head, unwilling to fall victim yet again to Chris and his 'look'.

       "No," she grumbled stubbornly. "I wont do it."


       She refused to look at him but went on saying, "You do it."


       Beginning to sweat under the heavy silence, Callie shifted uncomfortably on her seat, very aware of Chris's eyes on her until she finally threw her hands up with a frustrated, "FINE! I'll do it! God!"

       Chris flashed her a wide grin. "Now, was that so hard?" He reached out and gave her shoulder a firm manly pat. "Go get her, tiger."

      "I wish I had a tiger to sick on you," Callie muttered as she jerked the car door open. Wiggling out of Chris's fancy blue Volvo, Callie slammed the door shut and straightened, already dreading her first encounter with her "date".

      Callie looked up at the dark sky glittering with stars. Where's a comet when you need one? She'd willingly step under it right now just to end her misery.

      "Cal," Chris's voice called from behind her. She turned around and found him already out his car, right arm extended towards her over the roof of the car as he offered her a bouquet of red roses. Callie's heart fluttered at the sight of him offering those flowers to her, suddenly being swept back to a fantasy where Chris confesses his undying love for her, here and now.

       "Don't forget to give her these," Chris told her, shattering her little fantasy to smithereens. Growling, she leaned forward and snatched the bouquet from his hand and sent him a withering look before turning around to stomp towards the cute little blue house that looked like a cottage surrounded by a small garden.

      "And fix your tie!" Chris shouted after her, "it's a little crooked!"

      Callie raised her free hand and flipped him off without turning around. Chris's amused laughter trailed after as she made her way to the front porch. The porch light immediately came on, nearly blinding her. Grumbling, she rang the doorbell.

      The blue door opened a few seconds later revealing a pretty woman in a clingy silk blue dress, with flowing straight black hair. The woman smiled at her, flashing her perfect white teeth beneath red painted lips. "You must be Cal."

      Mind going blank with nervousness, Callie shook her head 'no', then paused stiffly before furiously nodding her head 'yes'. Oh god, she thought, I'm making a fool of myself! Will she notice that I'm a fraud? Oh god, I think I'm going to be sick.

      Susan laughed, her brown eyes sparkling with amusement at Callie. "Well which is it, honey? Are you or are you not, Cal?"