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R5 Sex Imagines


Fourth Ross Oneshot (special birthday one)

#imagine you're going out for a walk. It's just a plain December day and you're walking through a market place. You stop and look at something when you hear someone shout.
"Riker! Look there's a hot girl!"
"Ow! Didn't have to hit me. Okay I see her."
You ignore them, thinking they're talking to someone else when two boys walk up to you. One of them has long, brown hair with a gorgeous smile, and the other has bleach blonde hair with a cute little nose. You look up at them and they're smiling at you.
"Can I help you?" You ask.
"Yeah, I'm Riker, and this is my brother Rocky. We were wondering if you could do us a favor?"
"What's the favor?"
"First, do you by any chance know who this is?" They hold up a picture of Ross and you stare at him.
"You mean that cute guy from Disney Channel? What's his name.."
"Ross." Rocky says
"Yah, Ross, Ross Lynch right?"
"Yes, that's him." Riker answered.
"What about him?"
"Well his birthday is at the end of the month and we wanted to do something really crazy for him since he'll be 18."
"Okay what would I have to do?"
"So since Ross will be legal to go into a strip club, we thought it'd be funny if we took him to one, and we talked to a manager of one but he said we can use the place if we find our own girls for it. And we were wondering if you'd help us?" You think it over for a minute before you think 'hey I could possible fuck a celebrity.'
"Sure I'll do it."
"Oh my god, thank you!!" Rocky screams.
"Here, write your number and we'll text you all the details for his birthday." Riker says, handing you a piece of paper and a pen. You write down your number and they walk away, looking for more girls.

*A week before Ross' birthday*

*incoming text*
Hey, it's Riker, is this y/n?

*outgoing text*
Yeah it is

*incoming text*
Ok so the place is at the address below, be there at 5 on the 29th. They said they'll let you borrow some of the outfits they use there, so be there at that time to try it on before Ross gets there. We should be there at 6 so you have time to get used to the place. Okay?

*outgoing text*
Got it, see you then.

*Day of Ross' birthday*

You drive up to the address Riker sent you and notice the place is empty except for 3 other cars there. You walk towards the building and walk in. There's a man standing there and he asks you if you're here for the Ross party. You nod your head and he points towards the dressing room. You walk to it and in there is two other girls.
"Hi." You say.
"Hi." They both say back.
"I'm y/n."
"I'm Lucy." One of the girls says excitedly.
"I'm Melody." The other girl says casually. You all exchange small talk for a couple minutes before another girl runs in.
"Oh my stars, I'm so late." She says.
"Not by much, just 10 minutes."
"Oh well, I'm not completely late then."
"Haha yah."
"I'm Taylor, by the way."
"I'm y/n, that's Melody, and that's Lucy." You say, pointing at each girl. You all try on outfits until you all agree on one that you all like. You all dress up in your matching outfits and walk out to get used to the place. You see a stage and 2 stripper poles. You and one of the girls walk up to the stage while the other two walk to the poles. You all start rehearsing stuff you want to do when the guy at the door tell you all that Ross, Riker, and Rocky are coming. You all run backstage and and wait for the music. Lucy, who was all excited earlier was a little nervous now, as were all of you. You hear the music start and you all walk seductively out from behind the curtain. The two girls go over to the poles while you and the other girl dance around all sexy on the stage. You all stare at Ross as his jaw drops. Riker and Rocky smirk at eachother as they see Ross' reaction. They turn their attention back towards all the girls as you all perform. You and the girl from the stage walk over to Ross and you both sit each on one Ross' legs. You both wrap your arms around him and whisper naughty things in his ears and you see his pants get tight. You both stand up again and walk back towards the stage, swaying your hips as you get back on it and finish up your dance. The music fades out and you all smile before walking back stage. You stand back there a second before more music starts and this time you all switch place. You all dance even sexier to the music. This time Ross is only keeping his eyes on you. You blush a little as he watches only you. The music ends again and you all go backstage and wait. Riker comes through the side curtain and comes up to you.
"Hey, Ross wants to see you." He says. All the girls give you cheers as you follow Riker back into the main room. You walk up to Ross.
"Whatcha want sexy?" You say.
"He wants a private dance." Rocky answers for him. Ross punches Rocky lightly, as he blushes.
"Is that what you want?"
Ross nods and to take his hand and lead him to one of the private room. You both walk into the room and close the door. You hear music play again and assume the other girls are dancing for Riker and Rocky now. Ross goes over and sits on the bed in the room. You go up to him and straddle his waist.
"So what can I do for you birthday boy." You say sexily.
"Can I kiss you?"
"Sure." You lean in and capture Ross' lips in a hot kiss. You bite his lower lips lightly, asking for entrance into his mouth. He quickly grants access, letting your tongue in to explore his warm mouth. You two begin making out as you push Ross down into a laying position. You put your hands on each of this cheeks for pull him closer. He starts unzipping your costume as he grinds up into you. You moan and start kissing down to his neck. You softly kiss the skin there as he gets your costume completely unzipped and starts pushing it off your arms. You get up to slide the costume complete off and Ross stares at your now naked body. You climb back on Ross' lap and push off his shirt. You lick you lips at the sight of his amazing six pack and v line. You lean down and kiss all over his chest as you start unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. He wiggles out of them and you push his boxers off to join his pants. You both grind into eachother and moan in pleasure. You sit up enough that Ross' dick is resting under your pussy. You moan as Ross starts pushing his dick up into you. Your breath hitches as you feel him all the way in you. He rocks his hips down, pulling his dick out of you before he thrusts up into you. Ross begins thrusting his dick in and out of you and you bounce on his lap. Both your breaths start to quicken as you fuck eachother. Ross puts his hands on your hips to steady them as you roam your hands all over his chest. You only hear the sounds of your moans and the quieted sound of the music from outside the room.
"Oh fuck." Ross moans. "I'm so close."
"Me too." You say breathlessly.
Ross moves his hands toward you ass and squeaks it roughly as he begins cumming deep inside you. You moan as you feel his cum filling you. You give a breathy whimper as you start to cum too. You both continue I fuck eachother as you orgasm. You both come down from your high, breathing heavy and each have a thin layer of sweat on yourselves. You climb off Ross' dick and lay down next to eachother.
"I didn't quite catch your name."
"Well y/n, thanks for making my first time the best thing I've ever experienced."
"You're welcome."
"We should do this again sometime."
"Yah, we should."
"Here, I'll give you my number." Ross writes his number done on your wrist.
"You can get my number from Riker." You say. You smile at eachother for a few minutes before you get up and get dressed. You and Ross sit at a booth in the main room, cuddling as Riker and Rocky get their own lucky times in the room. Once they're done, the get ready to go. They leave and you and the other girls change out of your costumes before you drive home. You get home and flop down on the couch. You turn on the new and they're talking about Ross.
"This just in, Disney Channel star Ross Lynch was seen today coming out of a strip club with two of his brother and one big smile on his face. Has our Disney star lost his innocence? Possibly. We'll get back to you all once we talk to him next week. Until then, keep rocking."
You stare at the tv with your jaw dropped for a second before your phone buzzes in your pocket.

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