Fourth Ross Oneshot (special birthday one)

#imagine you're going out for a walk. It's just a plain December day and you're walking through a market place. You stop and look at something when you hear someone shout.

"Riker! Look there's a hot girl!"

"Ow! Didn't have to hit me. Okay I see her."

You ignore them, thinking they're talking to someone else when two boys walk up to you. One of them has long, brown hair with a gorgeous smile, and the other has bleach blonde hair with a cute little nose. You look up at them and they're smiling at you.

"Can I help you?" You ask.

"Yeah, I'm Riker, and this is my brother Rocky. We were wondering if you could do us a favor?"

"What's the favor?"

"First, do you by any chance know who this is?" They hold up a picture of Ross and you stare at him.

"You mean that cute guy from Disney Channel? What's his name.."

"Ross." Rocky says

"Yah, Ross, Ross Lynch right?"

"Yes, that's him." Riker answered.

"What about him?"

"Well his birthday is at the end of the month and we wanted to do something really crazy for him since he'll be 18."

"Okay what would I have to do?"

"So since Ross will be legal to go into a strip club, we thought it'd be funny if we took him to one, and we talked to a manager of one but he said we can use the place if we find our own girls for it. And we were wondering if you'd help us?" You think it over for a minute before you think 'hey I could possible fuck a celebrity.'

"Sure I'll do it."

"Oh my god, thank you!!" Rocky screams.

"Here, write your number and we'll text you all the details for his birthday." Riker says, handing you a piece of paper and a pen. You write down your number and they walk away, looking for more girls.

*A week before Ross' birthday*

*incoming text*

Hey, it's Riker, is this y/n?

*outgoing text*

Yeah it is

*incoming text*

Ok so the place is at the address below, be there at 5 on the 29th. They said they'll let you borrow some of the outfits they use there, so be there at that time to try it on before Ross gets there. We should be there at 6 so you have time to get used to the place. Okay?

*outgoing text*

Got it, see you then.

*Day of Ross' birthday*

You drive up to the address Riker sent you and notice the place is empty except for 3 other cars there. You walk towards the building and walk in. There's a man standing there and he asks you if you're here for the Ross party. You nod your head and he points towards the dressing room. You walk to it and in there is two other girls.

"Hi." You say.

"Hi." They both say back.

"I'm y/n."

"I'm Lucy." One of the girls says excitedly.

"I'm Melody." The other girl says casually. You all exchange small talk for a couple minutes before another girl runs in.