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ღOur Second First Kissღ



“So…what was that about?” Adriana questioned and I shrugged. Who knows what was Nick these days. Well, today anyways. She was totally chill yesterday.

“Maybe she’s on her period.” I concluded and sat down at the nearest table. Was that wrong to say about a girl when she was pissed? Usually, that’s the case. You can’t be all happy one day and pissed off and moody the next unless it had to do with Mother Nature.

“Don’t say that about a girl. Makes you look like a douchebag.” She commented and smiled. “So, what do you want for lunch? I’m buying,”

“Gee, you’re gonna pay? Are you sure? I mean, I can pay.” I told her and gave a small frown. A girl paying for me? That was uncommon. Not rare, but not common either. I just didn’t want some girl whom I haven’t even known for a full day to pay for me.

“Kenny, I invited you here. It’s the least I can do.”

“Wrong, me paying is the least I can do for you inviting me. You didn’t have to invite me.” I told her and she smiled. “So it’s settled, I’ll pay.”

“Okay, but remember that I offered.” She smiled and looked down at her menu. “I hear the salmon is really good here.”

“I’m more of a spaghetti person,” I commented and looked down at the menu. When the waiter came, we ordered our drinks and I looked up at her. I’m guessing it probably weirded her out, because she looked up at me with a quizzical expression.


“I just—why’d you invite me to lunch, anyway? It’s driving me crazy.” I asked and laughed. It really was, I mean seriously. She can have any guy she wanted, and she chose to ask me to lunch. Do you know how many guys would kill to eat with her…with the exception of other things? Hell, even Aiden in his depressed state would kill to be here. Oh, wait until he found out. He’d be so jealous.

“Well, I don’t know really. I just feel that the brief time we have spent together, that we have some sort of connection. Am I right? Or am I just hoping? Because, you’re totally cute and I kinda like you.” She was blushing. Hard. Man, that was so cute.

“Uh, I don’t know. I mean, I do feel something. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, huh?” I smiled and so did she, still blushing. “You’re cute when you blush.”

This, of course, made her blush even harder. “You’re sweet, Kenny.” She commented and stared down at her menu. “So, you’re gonna get the spaghetti?”

“Yeah, I think I will.” I looked over at Nick’s table and frowned a little. They were giggling over gelato. I didn’t even know Nick liked gelato.

“Are you okay?”

“As a matter of fact, I’m better than ever. I just gotta do one small thing really quick. I’ll be right back.” I told Adriana and stood up, walking over to Nick’s table. “Uh, Nick, can we talk for a little?”

She looked up at me with a questionable expression, but after a few minutes, she nodded slowly. “I’ll be right back,” she told Andrew, and I’d almost wished she hadn’t said that.

Once we were outside of the bistro, I took Nick’s hands slowly and rubbed them over and over again with my index finger slowly. “Nick, what’s happenin’ to us?”

She shrugged and a soft sigh escaped her lips. “If only I knew, Mac. Things are so weird, and it’s only the beginning.”

Deep down, I had a feeling that I would lose my best friend and that nothing would ever be the same again. I know it sounded dramatic and all, but look at what’s happened so far. We weren’t talking to each other and goofing off like we’d usually be doing. “Nick, don’t make fun of me, but I’m scared. I’m scared that we’re gonna get so into other people that we just break off all ties altogether. What if you and Andrew start goin’ out and you don’t even acknowledge me anymore?”

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