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Scream For Me (Removing on 11/30/14)


Chapter Nineteen


Jenna’s fingers were not moving properly.  Hands shaking, she struggled in getting her laptop opened and turned on.  It booted to slowly, and she paced.  It took her several times typing the password in to get the computer to log onto her account.  

From there, she couldn’t get a WiFi connection. “Fuck!”  She rubbed her hand across her face, trying to decide what to do.  There weren’t a lot of options here; it was possible that the internet didn’t work in the house because, after all, it was supposed to be a secure location.

Grabbing her phone, she dialed the now familiar number that was Agent Miles.  He picked up after the second ring.  “Miss Cieres?”

“He text me,” she blurted.  

“What happened?”

“He sent me a text saying to check my email.  I can’t get a connection here.”

A pause.  “Okay, I’m going to bring you into the station.  We’re going to have some of our tech people take a look at your phone and email; we’re still working on getting the warrants to pull your phone records, but they might have some magic to trace it somehow.

Jenna sighed.  “Okay.  I take it I’m not coming back here tonight?”

“Probably not.  We’ve got a room here though.”

“I’m not staying in some crusty cell, just for the record.”

Miles let out a low chuckle.  “No, not a jail cell.  We have a room for officers to sleep in.  If there’s one place you’ll be protected, it’ll be here.”

“Okay, I’ll get my stuff together.”

“I’ll be there in five.”

Sure enough, five minutes later, Miles was there, carrying her computer out to his car.  The ride to the station was quiet with the exception of the light radio playing.  Jenna’s nerves were more on edge, not knowing what the email would entail when she finally was able to access it.

“I know this is a stupid question to ask, but are you okay?”

Jenna nodded numbly.  “I am fed up.  I just want this guy to leave me the fuck alone, and not keep screwing me around like this.  I want my Benjamin back, and I want Will back.”

“What is your relationship with him?” he asked abruptly.

“Nothing.  Well, we used to date.”

Miles glanced at her briefly.  “Must not have ended too badly, huh?”

She shook her head.  “No, he was just ready for more than I was.”  At the prodding look she received, she shared, “He proposed, and I turned it down.  I wasn’t ready to get married or settle.  I have too much I want to do for me before I worry about someone else.”

Nodding, he pulled into a parking space at the station.  They walked in, Miles stopping to talk to a uniformed officer in a quiet tone beyond her ears.  The man nodded and turned away.

Jenna caught the reassuring smile he offered her and returned a false smile of her own.  He led the way into a small conference room and motioned for her to have a seat.  He set up the laptop where they could both look at it.

Jenna felt herself break out in a fresh sweat from her nerves.  As much as she tried to remain calm, she felt too jittery to have success.  Again, it took her several attempts to log onto her computer.  When she finally got on, it took Miles several minutes to find a public connection.

“Let’s wait just a few minutes until the tech team gets here.”

Jenna shook her head.  “I waited long enough to be able to access it.”  She looked at him with pleading eyes.  “I have to know, Agent Miles.”

He debated it for several long moments before finally nodding.

Jenna hastily opened the internet browser and logged into her email.  One email, now familiar by the name “John Smith,” sat unread.  With a deep breath, she glanced at the agent briefly before clicking the email.

Images blurred by at first, before focusing on a corner.  A deep growling came from the video, then the camera panned over to Benjamin, chained to a large metal ring.  The room was brightly lit, white tile on the walls and floor.  There were no sounds aside from the growling. 

“Oh my gosh,” she said quietly.

Then, the video moved, blurring it again as it did.  It panned over to what appeared to be just across the room to a sterile looking table.  Strapped down, was none other than Will.  He seemed to be unconscious, but was fully nude in a prone position with his wrists and ankles bound.

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