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Big Fat Liar (Editing)

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Cookie: Hello and welcome to my newest story!! If you're overly sensitive about weight, then don't read this book. I'm not holding anything back just because it offends you. It'll take away from the point of the story. And I'm not purposely trying to offend anyone, especially heavy set people.

But if you like a good read about a big girl who is mistaken for a guy by the man she likes and does nothing to correct him just to stay by his side, then please, go on and read. Enjoy. :) Read about Callie's hilarious tale...

Big Fat Liar:

"That awkward moment when the man you love doesn't know you're a woman"

CHECK OUT THE TRAILER TO BIG FAT LIAR ON THE YOUTUBE LINK! ;D Fan made by Sopphs. Thank you bunches! :)

© Copyright 2012 Cookie Moretti . All rights reserved.
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(Meaning if in any way you copy this story without my permission, you'll be in trouble by the law, so think before you try to copy)

(CURRENTLY BEING EDITED FOR PUBLICATION to Amazon+Barnes & Noble) 1/12/2015


"Callie, honey, when are you going to come down and visit us? It's been forever!"

       Callie Picket took a bite out of her strawberry filled glazed doughnut and glared at the answering machine where her mother, Annie Picket, went on and on dramatically about how she was neglecting her family.

       "Is this about Greg? Honey, we all knew he wasn't the right one for you. Don't take it so hard."

       Callie made a face. Greg? They still thought that she was hung up about Greg? For God's sake! Greg wasn't the reason why she moved out of town. Okay...maybe he was part of the reason why but it was mostly her own family who had driven her away with all their nagging about her...everything! Her looks, her weight, her job. EVERYTHING. The thing that went down with Greg was just the catalyst that she needed to make her decision to skip out of town before anyone could stop her..

       "Callie," her mother's voice went on, "Greg was too much for a sweet girl like you to handle."

        Meaning that her own mother had thought that Greg was too good for her.

       "He was too ambitious..."

        Meaning she lacked the ability and assets to help him go places. Her mother seemed to forget that it had been her wealth that Greg had been after. She was pretty sure he had planned to use it for his 'ambitious' plans.

        "...and he was far too handsome. You know handsome men like that are no good heartbreakers."

       Translation: He was wasted on you. The fat girl everyone called "Callie the Cow" behind her back since middle school. Even some of her own family members called her that.

        "Callie, just come home. There was no need for you to move out on your own. It's been three months already. We miss you."

        Callie snorted and pointed an accusing sugar covered finger at the answering machine. "You mean you miss me slaving away for you."

        All her life, as far back as she could remember, her mother and her two socialite sisters had taken advantage of her. Do this, do that! Cinderella thought she had it bad? HA! Two minutes alone with Callie's mother and sisters and Cinderella would have poured gasoline all over herself and set herself on fire.

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Chapter 1


Kellan Lutzas Chris Walker
Adeleas Callie Picket
Jamie Chungas Brenda Woo
Jude Lawas Abel Walker
unknownas Mizz Ivory
Heather Locklearas Eliza Walker

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