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Supernatural:Closer Than You Think - A Dean Winchester Love Story


I don't own this!!! Eric Kripke owns!! Enjoy:)))




Rena’s POV:


                This isn’t a story about a girl who falls in love with the right guy and they live happily ever after. My story is similar, just in a twisted way. Hi, my name is Rena Winchester and I’m not your average thirty year old. You probably think I graduated college and I’m moving on in my life, but I’m not. I travel the country hunting the paranormal. It wasn’t what I had in mind for my lifestyle choice, but now I haven’t a choice at all. I’ve been in this kind of thing for too long to go back now. I don’t trust too many people in this world, only a select few. Whatever happened to me and how I got into this isn’t important. I really wouldn’t like to take a walk down memory lane.


                I sat in the town bar, downing scotch. The bar was almost empty except me, the bartender, and a few other people. My long brown locks were draped on my shoulders.


                “Would you like another shot, Miss?” the bartender asked, holding the bottle in front of me.


 I motioned for him to pour me some and he followed the request. After he did that, a man with light brown hair and green eyes walked in, making his way towards the bar. I looked at him and brought the glass up to my mouth. The man sat next to me and motioned for the bartender to hit him up with a drink.


                “Bad day?” he asked me.


                “You have no idea.” I replied, taking another drink. It was in fact, a bad day, I ran into a demon, yet again, and found out that I have a twin. Well, that’s what the demon said before I killed her. She could have been lying or it could make sense. I’ve been bounced between foster homes since I was three.


                “Maybe, probably not as bad as mine. “


                “Maybe not.” I replied as I turned to look at him. He had wide cheek bones and a tan complexion. He stared back in awe. “So, what’s your name?” I asked.


                ‘Dean.” He answered quickly.


                “Rena.” I responded.


                “So, would you like to take this conversation to another place?” he smiled a flirtatious smile.


                “Where did you have in mind?” I leaned in closer to him. He looked down to my lips and back into my eyes. He grabbed my hand, tipped the bartender, and pulled me out of the bar.


                “So, which car is yours?” I asked, looking at the parking lot.


                “This one.” He said as he leaned up against a black 1967 Chevy impala.


                My eyes widened and I said,”I love it. It’s like the car I always wanted.” I ran my hand across the smooth paint. “Let’s go.” I got in and he drove away, down the street. He pulled up to a motel.


                “Sorry, I’m only visiting.” He said, pulling into a parking space.


                “So am I.” I said, examining the motel. He parked the car and looked at me. His green eyes glistened and his features were stunningly beautiful. I want him.

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Supernatural:Closer Than You Think - A Dean Winchester Love Story


Jensen Acklesas Dean Winchester
Jared Padaleckias Sam Winchester
Jim Beaveras Bobby Singer
Misha Collinsas Castiel
Dianna Agronas Rena Winchester

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