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Thank you to whoever's reading! I appreciate it very much! As to the indentions, it doesn't seem to work well on Wattpad, does it? I'm having trouble with indention! 

            My hands trembled as I bent down to pick up the notebook. I slowly sat down on the gray floor and placed the notebook on my lap, slowly taking a deep breath while closing my eyes. My fingers felt the rough leather of the thick notebook. I opened my eyes again and breathed out, laying my head on the mattress behind me.  “Here it goes.” I told myself.

September the 18th, the first day of Milton Academy was as boring as my freshman year last year, same people, same teachers, but different classes. I think I’m going to hate Economics class, it looks really boring and the teacher thinks she’s the boss of everyone. And by everyone, teachers included.

But, there was one thing I liked about the beginning of this year! Thanks to Daddy Warbucks, I got to have a whole section of my own! Aah! Well it partially sucks since I share the wing with teachers, but I get to sleep in the secluded area of it.

I can literally play music as loud as I want to without anyone hearing it, and I have no roommate who leaves me sleep deprived thanks to her midnight calls with her boyfriend. So basically, it’s Milton Academy heaven!

The diary entry of that day came to an end, but I couldn’t stop. I hopped onto my semi-made bed and sat on my stomach, I flipped the page anxiously.

Day two of this hellhole, well except for my room. Which isn’t so heavenly anymore. That idiot Daniel Reed pulled a prank on the entire student body yesterday, he sounded off the fire alarm, waking them up in panic and horror.

So as punishment, they moved him to live in my section of the wing. Right in front of my door. Some girls thought I was lucky that a handsome junior was sleeping one step away from me, he may be the guy other boys want to be and girls want to be with, but I do not like him now that he’s interrupted my sanctuary.

If he ever brings a girl here, he is dead.

The door swung open as I jumped to my knees, Helena gave me a suspicious look, “Okay…”

            I didn’t know whether or not to tell her about the diary, so I decided to keep it between Lily and myself, wherever she was. “I got us bottles of water! Did I mention how cute the guys are? They are way cuter than the guys back home.”

            Helena and I were next-door neighbors in this small town in Pennsylvania; guys were her favorite subject even as a kid in kindergarten. I bet she knew all the names of the guys back home. I even bet she’d know the name of every guy in Milton Academy by the end of the week!

            “Thanks,” I told her, she threw a water bottle on my bed, “That’s how you make your bed? Geez, Marie what would your grandma Anushka say to you?” Helena shrieked, my bed was a bundle of sheets put together. Big deal.

 She pinched her nose and squeaked, “Marie my little pupchen, vat is zis mess?"

            I laughed and threw the bottle back at her, “Shut up, I’m the one sleeping in it!”

            “And I’m the one who has to look at it, I’m beat. We’ve got Chemistry at eight, you better sleep.”

            I grabbed the notebook and read one last final entry before hitting the hay, or whatever my bed was. I turned to the third page, trying to read with the minimal light I had underneath the covers.

            Day three. Ms. Leon, my lame Economics teacher is a real biatch. She wanted everyone to submit her an essay at the end of the class about the Great Depression. I did manage to Google it with my phone, so I sort of copied everything in there. Until she caught me staring at my phone, so she decides to confiscate it and gives me this huge lecture on plagiarism. It’s not my final report as I recall.

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