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Showin the Vamps Who's Boss (Revising)

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Welcome to chapter 4 of my awesome story xD im so conceited :P ANYWAY, i sorta changed my mind on the story #2 thingy... i mean im going to make another story, but not exactly that. I have other plans in mind, but i need to make the plot, and i want to finish the story before actually starting it. Anyway, this is going to be a pretty big chapter. This is where is all starts, even though its chapter 4 :3



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I groaned when I heard my alarm clock go off. It played 'Summit', by Skrillex. One of my favorite songs, but honestly I am not in the mood.

I just layed in bed for a good 10 minutes, thinking about the day ahead. Will it be better? Worse? Life changing? Psshht yeah right. Life changing my butt. The only thing 'life changing' about it is how many scars im gonna have by the time I get home.

I sighed and got out of my warm, comforting bed. I glanced at the clock and it read 6:45 a.m. I still got loads of time before I headed for school. I walked towards my bathroom, my eyes still heavy and my bare feet turning to ice against the cold tile. A shiver ran through my body, but I shook it off.

I turn on the bathroom light, to find this hideous site looking at me through the mirror. That hideous site was me. My brown hair sticking up towards every direction, my auburn eyes looking tired and red. Even my skin looked pale, and i'm naturally tan. The only thing I liked about myself was i had a pretty nice body, and I have never had acne.

I wear extremely baggy clothing to school so thats why everyone thinks im obese. I just dont like the feeling of something squeezing my body and not being able to move in those skin tight corsets, and junk.

I quickly pulled out my toothbrush, squeezed a thin line of toothpaste onto it, and started to brush.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6......

I took really good care of my teeth so I always brushed for two minutes, and I count. I dont want to look like a homeless person that lives in a box when I smile. I already do look like that because of what I wear. I quickly shook off that thought. I dont care about what people think of me. Right?

I pulled on a solid black hoodie that went to my mid-thigh, black yoga pants, and my raggedy old converse. I put on some eyeliner and a bit of blush. Not like it makes a difference.

I grabbed my backpack and headed downstairs to see Gold eating an apple while texting one of her friends. I glared at her and made my way to the refrigerator.

She gave me a surprised look and said, "Good morning."

"Meh." I replied.

"Did I do something?" she asked me with narrowed eyes.

I shook my head. I didnt really feel like speaking to her anymore. I was going to tell her about everything that happens to me in school yesterday, and she pretty much ruined it by going out. I dont want her to know anymore. Sometimes I feel like Aidan is my only sibling that cares for me. Gold does but she doesnt show it. She never asks me how was school, or if I wanted to go out with her. She just merely says 'hi' and 'good mornings' or 'good nights'. Nothing more nothing less.

"Wheres Aidan?" I asked without looking at her.

"He already left, your going to ride with me.. are you sure your okay?"

"Im in the car." I didnt answer her question. Because I know she doesnt care. I grabbed the keys to car, sat in it and started it. She took about two minutes to come out.

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