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Spirit of Death


I AshleyBodnar own EVERYTHING this is my original story

Authors Note:Ok so this is my 1st not fanfiction story so i sorry if you dont think its good....warning Language Arts is DEFINTELY NOT my best subject so sorry for punctuation mistakes.... and id really like comments so tell me what ya think soooo..... read on.........Most of the names in here are my friends names cause i told them i'd put them in my story they are such bums haha 


It was a dark and foggy night. A group of kids and their parents were out camping in the middle of no where. As they were sitting around the camp fire telling ghost stories they began to hear a deep moaning coming from the woods all around them. Ooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh... Oooooooooaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh... Of course when it first started none of them thought anything of it. For all they knew it could be one of them. They could have recorded it and left the player in the woods. But after about a half an hour they realized it really couldn"t be one of them. The moaning never stopped it kept getting louder and softer, was moving. It seemed to have made a full circle around the cleared camp fire area where they sat. One girl named Ava whispered," Everybody I know you can hear that to, so shut up and lets listen and try and figure out what it is." Everyone mumbled their agreements. As they all quieted, they heard the moaning more clearing. One of the boys guessed," Could it be.....a bear?" The boys dad said," Noooo....It sounds more like it's a human than it does an animal?" One of the other parents says," But how cold that be? We're in the middle of no where it's just us here for miles around. You can't even get out here unless you ride the back roads and no one but the park rangers know those roads." Another parent speaks up," I know they had to drive out here and drop us off they won't be back for us for 2 weeks." "But then where is the moaning coming from?!?!?!", one of the kids screams! Two of the parents stand up. That's what we are going to find." says the parents. Their daughter screams No! don't go into the woodswe don't know whats in there! And thats what we need to find out, you'll be find just stay here with everyone else. Ok........ So the parents go into the woods...A half and hour later they aren't back. Their daughter starts to freak out. WHY AREN'T THEY BACK? THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN BACK BY NOW! THEY SAID THEY'D BE FINE. WHY. AREN'T. THEY. BACK????????? She cries.....Throughout this entire time the moaning hasn't stopped once. And it stills circling sort of like a predator does its prey. So since the other parents never came back they send four more in to the forest two in search of the lost parents, the other two after the source of the moaning. A hour later no six of the parents have returned.... All the kids start to freak out WHATS GOING ON WHY HAVE NONE OF THEM RETURNED?!?!?! WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO US?!?! WHERE ARE THEY?!?!?! Ok all of you calm down. Now the remaining six parents stand up. One of them says,"We are all going to look for them in the woods. You all stay here and remain calm you'll be fine if you listen to those directions." So the remaining parents step through the treeline and go out of sight into the woods. 3 hours passed and none of the parents had returned back to the clearing. One of the boys named Reggie stood up and said,"I'm sick of waiting around! Its been 3 stupid hours since the rest of our parents left. They aren't back yet and the moaning hasn't stopped and its still circling us so i don't know about you but im going in there to find out what it is. Now whose gunna come with me?" Slowly one by one all the kids stood up and said,"Im with you." So very slowly they all walked into the woods. As they went through the tree line they could still see pretty well, because of the moonlight. They started walking following the moaning until they came to something none of them wanted to see. "Is that blood?" one of the girls asked. "......Yes....."the rest of them responded. They began to follow the blood trail deeper into the woods, as they did the moaning seemed to keep getting clearer and clearer. Soon they came to a creek and it was horrible the blood trail ended there....but the creek was filled with blood. you couldn't see a clear spot anywhere it was entirely red. They all just stood there staring wonder what to do. Then they began hearing their parents voices. "Run. Go back to the clearing its the only safe place! Hurry it's coming it will be hear soon!" The kids all responded in a jumble,"What happened to you? What is it? Why is it doing this? NO you said you' be fine, you can't b dead!" Their parents whispered one last thing to them....Go......But it was to late they turned around to run and it was, hovering in the air in front of them. So, the kids were all killed the spirit of death killed them in the creek. Now over flowing with blood and ate the childrens bodies just had it done there parents...... 

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