Smiles (Death the Kid)

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Requested by: Starry_Soul_8

A smile is the most dangerous weapon. -Unknown.

You cursed your stupidity. His smile, so beautiful, perfect, and deceiving.

"(Name)? I brought food!"

You glared at your captor, Dr. Stein.

"So after this, we'll start with a few experiments."

You glared at the food.

"Now, now, don't be so stubborn. You'll need this food to get through the day."

You looked away.

"Hey, hey," he kicked your side, "you're not really in a position to be defying me. Then again, all you can do is glare."

You felt a throbbing in your mouth. It was true. You couldn't really swear at him since the asshole had cut off your tongue.

"Eat, I'll come back to perform the experiments on you."

He turned and left you alone in the dark dungeon, leaving you with your dark thoughts and self-loathing.

'Why the hell did this have to happen to me of all people,' you wondered to yourself. Then a loud bang was heard from the outside. You paid no heed to it, thinking it was just Stein prepping for his experiments. Though you were completely unprepared from the sudden light that had been cast over the room. You looked up to see a new figure. Your saviour, Kid...

"(NAME)!!!!" He ran to your chained figure and hugged you tightly, "what the hell did Stein do to you?"

You felt tears run down your cheeks in happiness and relief.


You opened your mouth and he saw the one of the many horrors that had been inflicted on you.

"Oh my....that's alright, (Name)."

He hugged you even tighter.

"I've taken care of him already. He won't bother us anymore..."

He smiled at you.

"Let's go home, (Name)!"

He broke the chains that restricted your movements and held a hand out to you. You returned his smile and took his hand, blissfully unaware of the horrible things he had planned for you.

"We'll be together forever!"