The Endowed (Book 1): Mind Talkers


© J.J. Dolley


Captain's Log: 14:00, 16th July, 1981

Re:                      The Mind Talkers

Status:               Stable

Progress:          Superb


Due to security purposes and certain past circumstances, I am not permitted to give you my full title, nor our location. Official reports are classified; however, I have been instructed to keep this private unofficial log to monitor the progress of our subjects, as well as for psychological analysis and further investigation at our head quarters. The afore mentioned subjects are known, as The Mind Talkers.

Six individuals: three female; three male. Each born on the exact same date. The males, however, preceded the females by two years, yet separately their age is identical by gender. The exact significance of this is still unknown.  Though many different theories swirl around the base and others alike of the supernatural and their influence on the human race, they are still of the extreme minority and we have not yet documented such extreme cases of ability and coincidence.  

The first subjects were brought to our base for analysis soon after it was reported that all were born to mothers who had died during child-birth six years ago, those being the males as mentioned.  We still have only estimated guesses at this point, but what we do know for certain is that every subject emitted strong neural activity during labour, and each mother's autopsy revealed extreme hemorrhaging on the outer layer of the brain.

After tests were administered, it became apparent that each subject had unique neural activity that produced high sensory output. Simply put, there was enough evidence to prove that they could communicate with their minds, to a certain extent. Control or manipulation did not seem possible at either the infant age or in adolescent years, but with the right experts, guidance, and purpose, it was theorized by our physicians and scientists that these abilities could manifest into something phenomenal. In addition, when specifically coupled with each other, results are literally off the charts.

With this information in light, it became our top priority to keep these subjects as close to us as possible; positive as possible; raised by the right guardians, if I may. This was essential to their survival, as well as our own, the human race. Abilities like these could cripple our very existence if nurtured by the wrong hands.

Until now, each were assigned to homes on our base, supervised and raised under our authority. And with my cover as a kindergarten teacher, the continuous observation, daily embrace and contact, play, and communication, a purposeful bond was created in order for them to stay within a degree of normalcy.

With these gifts comes a high degree of acceptance and control, and in order for them to reach this level, we have now established that each individual needed to understand human interaction and thought at a raw and conscious level, and in addition, grasp their abilities and strength on the same level. So upon their recent departure from the base, their guardians have been instructed to separately enroll them into elementary school; the perfect environment to do so.

My assignment is now the observation of The Mind Talkers. Since apart from each other, I fear for their safety every minute of the day since they've left my side, so security of the highest class has been dispatched along with observers.

Finally, off the record, I too instructed the guardians to insist that The Mind Talkers keep a weekly journal. I believe that progress should be documented. It allows us to not repeat our mistakes, and additionally, it helps us learn from our achievements. The specific times in the subjects’ lives that changed their own self image and that revealed each individual's personal growth will follow this log, rendering my follow up logs irrelevant for the time being. 

Some time may have passed, but these would be their stories, by their own hand.



Captain's Log end.

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