Following His Word (Atty's 2012)


Following His Word 

by Princess_Anastasia


I am striving  

For righteousness; 

Following His words 

Trying to be like Jesus.

Loving as my brother 

And praying to my Father; 

Obeying His commands; 

Loving the Lord.

I must follow His words; 

I should go and do 

The things the Lord  


Follow Nephi's example

And be courageous. 

I must be vigilant and  


Strive for that deep beauty 

God has blessed me with.

Study the scriptures 

And pray constantly; 

Feel the love of my Father 

And His arms around me.

I love the Lord 

And follow His words; 

Try to be like Jesus 

And follow His ways.

Understand my agency; 

To fight off the evil in this  


Hold fast to the iron rod; 

Keep on the straight and  

narrow path.

Look for the meaning 

Of being a child of God; 

So that I can know 

I am a daughter of God.

I must follow him, 

Set an example; 

Keep the Sabbath day holy 

And love my neighbor.

Stay true 

To the commandments; 

Keep in modesty 

In more ways than one. 

Do my best 

To please the Lord; 

Then seek not 

For the approval of man.

Listen to the songs 

That are especially for the  


Of His Church 

To uplift me.

He has commanded 

For the Church 

To be brought up 

So I will.

I will work to help his  


To hear the truth. 

If I don't go on a mission, 

I will always search

For someone out there who  

needs me 

To help them find their way 

To help them find the light 

Deep inside of them.

So now, Lord, I pray to thee:

Please help us, 

Please teach us 

What we must do 

To be closer to thee.

What we must do 

To feel thy arms around us, 

To hear the gentle words 

Of the Holy Spirit.

To know when you need us  

the most. 

Please protect us; 

We beg of thee to help us 

To know when the devil is  

tempting us.

Let us know when we need 

To kneel down and pray; 

Help us to know 

When we need to repent.

Guide us to someone 

Who needs us; 

Who we can care for 

And teach. 

Comfort the sick; 

Shine thy light on the alone. 

To help us to be able 

To enter thy holy temple.

And now I thank thee; 

For loving your children, 

For blessing us; 

For allowing us to choose.

For giving your Son to us; 

And letting Him be crucified 

For our sins. 

Father, please help us

To stay steadfast 

To the iron rod. 

Please guide the struggling 

And the lost souls.

Now I end my prayer. 

In the name of thy son, 

Jesus Christ 


© 2012 Ani Hejduk

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